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Jan 29, 2003
I had recently invested a few thousand dollars in audio equipment presuming I was going to be buying a house within the next couple months. In the end things fell short and I will not be going anywhere anytime soon. So I have some brand new gear that I am not going to make use of. One thing being a brand new pair of Totem Acoustics Model 1 Signature (Cherry) series bookshelf speakers.


I also have a brand new Dreamcatcher 5.1 setup that I have not yet posted because I am in a little bit of a dilemma. First off, I have a pair of dreamcatcher bookshelves in my bedroom powered by a Marantz receiver. I love this setup hence why I purchased the 5.1 dreamcatcher setup. I was going to add these with an onkyo receiver for a 7.1 bedroom setup. I am having second thoughts as to weather or not I should just sell everything and buy something cheap/wait it out until I get a house and go all out? However I know some people really like the dreamcatcher setup but do not like the sub for HT, my other option is to sell the 5 other speakers alone and hook up the sub to my 2 ch. for watching movies. I need some feedback, I know I will not make full use of my 7.1 setup in my condo let alone my bedroom, should I sell the speaker without the sub or just hold on to them for a few more months?

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