Toslink Digital Optical switcher or Y-adapter

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    Does anyone know if there exists Y-adapters so that one can plug two different optical digital cables (the toslink kind) into one input?

    I've seen some big clunky boxes where one can manually turn a knob to choose between up to 3 inputs, but all I'm looking for is a simple Y shaped thingee to plug 'em both in. And I promise only to play one at a time - I'm not trying to send two signals in simultaneously.

    Alternately, a switcher that auto-detects which has a signal and chooses it.
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    there are quite a few autoswitchers.

    The best one was from Nirvis, famous DXS - no longer in production, and if you can find a used one, just buy it.

    Then there are MSB digital director units, Neutek units, and probably a few more. They usually do a very good job.

    Be aware that Sony CD-changers when paused still are sendig frames, filled with 0's. Some of changers do not recognize it as empty/idle signal, and will lock on it, delivering wonderfull silence.

    and do a search for DXS or switcher - this subject is debated every 2-3 weeks...



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