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  1. Dan B

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    I see that Best Buy is selling this model online right now for $1399. Isn't this an older model, and what are the disadvantages of this model compared to the newer Toshibas?
    At this price, I am thinking this might be a good purchase for me. (and my limited budget)
    Here's the Best Buy page for the Toshiba:
    -Dan B.
  2. Keith Plucker

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    Keith Plucker
    Hi Dan,

    I have a TW40X81 that I bought new in Nov. of 99. So yes, it definitely is an older model. That being said, I have been very happy with it. I was especially impressed with it after I got it ISF calibrated. I would suggest an ISF calibration after you get some break-in time on it.

    The biggest difference that comes to mind is that the new Toshibas up-convert a 480P signal to 540P and I see that as a disadvantage. Personally, I wish Toshiba would just leave a 480P signal alone. Maybe there are others that are more familiar with the newer sets that can point out other differences.

    You might try looking around for 10% off coupon. I got one from Best Buy (in the mail) a couple of weeks ago and just used it to buy a Tivo.

    Depending on your budget, you may also want to consider the 47 inch Panasonic. I am not sure of the model number.

    Good luck!

  3. Jan Strnad

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    Jan 1, 1999
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    I have the 42H81 and love it. Yes, it's last year's model. The new ones are ***82.

    Especially on this size of screen, the upconversion is a non-issue. The new models do a better job of it, but even on this model you'll never notice it with ordinary viewing; you need to slap a test pattern on the screen to measure the sharpness loss, and most DVDs aren't sharp enough to begin with to reveal the "problem."

    If this is the size you want and it fits your budget, I think you'd be very happy with the Toshiba.

    As to size: I like a small RPTV. The Toshibas are shallow (mine is as shallow as my 20" direct view set) and fit the room nicely, and the smaller screen (compared to a 50" or 57" or 65") means fewer problems, as with mediocre signals. The bigger the screen, the more it'll show the signal flaws, the harder the CRTs have to work, etc. I think that small RPTVs are reasonable alternatives to large direct views.


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