Toshiba SD-H400 or Zenith DVB-318

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Lee_P, Jul 23, 2004.

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    First let me say that I am a newbie. A friend actually referred this site to me and must say I love it. I just recently bought a new Panosonic PT-53X54 and am in need of upgrading just about everything I have. I currently have an old Toshiba DVD player that doesn't even have progressive scan and I have an older RCA satellite receiver with the built in DVR (UTV). Since I am obviously going to want a DVD player with progressive scan and upgrade my satellite receiver to handle HDTV I find myself with one problem ... SPACE!! I do not have room for all of these A/v units! I am going to either buy the Zenith DVD player (because of the 1080i through component feature) or the Toshiba SD-H400 because of the built in TIVO. If I get the Zenith I will no longer have a DVR but if I get the Toshiba I will not have the 1080i up-conversion. My main question is if I am going to a HD ready telelvision and a progressive scan DVD player from not having either I can imagine the difference will be HUGE. So do I really need the 1080i up-conversion feature the Zenith has since it will cost me a DVR??

    I apologize for the wordiness. I had a hard time getting my thoughts across. LOL

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    Your only solution is the HD DirecTivo (since you already have DirecTV) and the Zenith 1080i DVD player.

    Really, you don't need the up-conversion. I would give up my DVD player entirely before I would give up my Tivo.


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