Toshiba SD 3900 PAL on NTSC system

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Richard Sz, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. Richard Sz

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    Sep 3, 2003
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    I Have a question for owner of Toshiba SD 3900 DVD
    I have PAL DVD from Region 5
    Is it passable to play this DVD on my NTSC television?
    Is there a build in converter in the SD 3900 to play PAL
    on NTSC system or there is no need for it?

    Thank you for your advice.
  2. Jim Blackie

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    Apr 3, 2001
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    No, just pop it in, press the hack code button on your remote and you will (probably) be good to go. Great picture, great cheap machine, but some PAL discs won't load. No idea why. Right now I know that "In Search of Shakespeare" (BBC), and "Deer Hunter SE" won't load. Some problems with Starman R2 PAL, but finally got it going by pressing [Display - 1 - Play] instead of [Top Menu - 1 - Play]

    Anyone with alternate hacks, please feel free to contribute.

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