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Toshiba SD 3800 Black Level / Contrast

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by StephenWhitaker, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. StephenWhitaker

    StephenWhitaker Auditioning

    Dec 30, 2002
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    I have a Toshiba 40X81 16:9 rear projection tv and until recently used it a Toshiba 2109 DVD player. Lately however, I purchased a Toshiba SD-3800 progressive scan DVD player but have been horribly unimpressed. From what I see the black level is not right, and there is definite detail loss. I really hope it's a configuration problem.

    With the 2109 the picture quality had been very good ( I guess I couldn't notice any deinterlacing artifacts, potentially I don't know what they are). Anyway, assuming that a progressive scan dvd player would remove most deinterlacing artifacts and produce a slightly crisper picture, I purchased the SD-3800. Sadly, I did this before doing enough research (chroma upscaling etc).

    I have tried to find the black-level adjustment for the SD-3800 but was unable. Can someone tell me how to adjust the black level? What I notice is that in progressive mode, the blacks are more like dark grey, I assume that setting the black level can help fix this problem?

    However, my guess is, even if I fix the black-level but still see a loss in detail, I'm going to have to return the player and continue to use the 2109 until I find a player (such as a Panasonic) which will provide the experience I suspect.

    Thank you for any help or experience you may have had with a similar setup.

  2. Don Munsil

    Don Munsil Stunt Coordinator

    Jul 27, 2000
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    7.5 IRE is not the "industrial standard" for progressive video. 0 IRE is the standard for progressive component (and interlaced component, for that matter).

    7.5 IRE is only the standard for US interlaced NTSC via composite, RF, or S-Video. NTSC in other countries uses a 0 IRE standard, as does PAL and SECAM in all countries. NTSC over component is also standard at 0 IRE, which is why Mike's RCA DirecTV receiver is correct. The Toshiba is correct on the interlaced output, but wrong on the progressive output. And it doesn't have a black level adjustment.

    However, Mike's advice is on the money. You need to adjust your TV's brightness level to compensate. A small investment in the Sound and Vision Home Theater Tune-Up disc will provide all the test patterns you need to get a good calibration.


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