Toshiba RPTV Display Problem (My Set Only)

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    Hi - Posted this in Basics, but wanted to expand my possibities for feedback. Please advise if any experience with OneCall or Toshiba for this issue. Thanks.

    "I see a single green dot on my screen, during white or light colored background scenes. For lack of a better word, I would describe it as a pixel, although that may be inaccurate.

    It doesn't move from scene to scene, and it is always there. It is very near center of the screen, and, once seen, it seems to be the ONLY thing I see...

    I have a brand new 57H82 Toshiba HDTV and there is a protective screen in place that has never been moved or altered. I have had the set up and running for 3 days.

    What do I do? I will call the seller (One Call) tomorrow. Is this something that can be fixed under the manufacturers warranty, or do I have to get a new set?

    Thanks for your replies....
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    I don't know what is causing the problem or how it can be fixed, however I can speak to Onecalls policy on returns, and that is: if it wasn't damaged during shipping and you didnt make a note on the bill of lading that there was possible damage there are no returns, period, end of story. Im not saying this problem was caused by damage during shipping either....

    The only option you have is having it fixed under warranty by Toshiba. I know this because I just ordered my Toshiba from them and am waiting for it now! Just call them and they will let you know what you need to do to get a technician out there.

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