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    I have a Toshiba TW65x81 which seems to have the following problem.On HDTV broadcasts (Showtime, that do not fill the whole screen i.e. HBO),even the generated guide for Dish ,there is a wrap around effect.Although slight, the center top and bottom is higher(on bottom and lower on the top,with the edges very slightly angled up(top )and down(bottom).This kind of gives the old CINERAMA effect..Again it is slight and is not shown on a full screen shot EXCEPT an HDTV broadcast where there is some lines visible,like a football game on CBS HD the sidelines will slightly bend.....Anyway I have made calls and I am told it's im need of digital convergence which usually has to be DONE OUT OF THE HOUSE loosing the set for a week or so.I always thought something like this can be corrected in house using the SERVICE mode by a good TECH..As you can see I Don't want to loose the set!! Any opinions?? Thanks!!
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    Unless this is a severe problem, which it doesn't sound like it is, all the set needs is some geometry corrections.
    It is true that this can be accomplished in the convergence adjustment mode. Greater errors can be corrected first with the necessary parameters in service mode (coarse adjustments) and fine tuned in the service-level convergence.
    I can see NO reason why the set would need to be taken out of your home. In fact, this could serve to only cause more problems. One of the reasons geometry and convergence get out of whack is because of movement of the set. Correcting it in the shop and then shipping it back to your place would most likely put everything off kilter again.
    I would speak to the service centre and, if necessary, Toshiba. There is no reason your set should have to leave. It should be a simple adjustment, taking an hour or more, depending on the severity, performed by a tech in your home.
    One last note - all the information to perform these adjustments is contained in this forum and other internet sources such as
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