Toshiba Natural Picture Mode.

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    I have recently purchased a Toshiba 65HDX82.On page 35 of the manual, it says use Natural picture size for 16:9 “recommended for wide-screen 16.9 format pictures” and it will display the full width, but when I select the Natural picture size it shows me the picture in 4:3 size with gray bars.

    Any of the other modes show me the full screen width, with black bars on the top & bottom on 2.35 movies, but that is to be expected unless I use Full Mode.

    I am using a Panny RP91, component video, aspect ration set on 16:9
    Any ideas why.

    Thanks BrianT. Ottawa.
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    Jun 1, 2002
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    i have a 42h82. the manual says:
    The Natural picture size displays a conventional picture signal in the conventional 4:3 aspect ratio, with bars at the left and right.
    The Full picture size displays the picture signal in the wide-screen 16:9 aspect ratio. Note: If you select Full picture size for a conventional 4:3 pcture, the picture will be stretched horizontally to fill the screen.

    according to that, you should use the full mode for 16:9 images for use on a 16:9 tv.
    now keep in mind that is all for a 480i or 480p image input, which is what your dvd player does.

    now for 1080i (HDTV) it says:
    Select Natural size to view a conventional 1080i source in wide-screen format (16:9 aspect ratio).

    that should fix your problem.

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