Toshiba Hx93 vs Mitsubishi Diamond vs Hitachi

Discussion in 'Displays' started by NghiaTran, Apr 15, 2004.

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    Hello all. I am at a crossroads in my quest for my next tv upgrade. About 1 1/2 month ago, I initially was planning to buy the SOny LCD projection but was convinced that I should buy a CRT projector instead. Well now Im still in a bind and cant decide between these three sets. I have seen the Mitsubishi 55 Diamond but was not overly impressed by it. Perhaps it was not setup correctly but it just did not have that wow factor that I was looking for. It was hooked up with a Denon 2900(which I also have) but it was they were using $20 dollar component cables and it was not properly calibrated.

    Secondly, I have seen the Toshiba 57HX93 at Conns which is on sale for 2299. I asked them if I could see that set with a dvd source and they went to connect it with composite cables! So I just told them that maybe I would come back and bring my own dvd player to audition it.

    Finally there is the Hitachi sets that I hear so much about but have no idea whatsoever on which set to test so I would leave it up to anyone who can help me with these. There is one thing I do hate about the Hitachi is their aesthetics. They do not win any points for looks but then again its not the cabinetry that I will be watching. But then there is the WAF and she does not like the Hitachi. She thinks they look very cheap.

    I thank whoever gives me some advice. If someone who has been in the same boat as I and has made a decision that they were content with, please lend me a hand. Im all ears. Hope to hear from you soon.
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    I was at the same crossroads here recently. I asked probably 5 or 6 ISF techs which set would they recommend and they all said buy the Mits over the Toshiba. The newer Mits's have better stretch modes(excellent now that I'm playing with them) and top shelf video quality. They don't upconvert to 540p either like the Hitachi's and Toshiba which IIRC share the same lenses though the HX93 uses a different one all together.

    I certainly couldn't have gotten the same kind of deal you are getting on the Toshiba but if Picture Quality is your final concern and you can adjust things, then the Mits is your set(IMHO). I took delivery of a 55413(silver plus) 2 days ago and my father in law took delivery of a Platinum Plus last year about 2 months ago and we're both thrilled with them. I've tweaked both of these and the picture is outstanding with the right feed.

    If you haven't owned a big screen before you are in for a shock because you will start to notice things you didn't before and you will start to see how really bad normal cable is. If you have HDTV then its a different story. The only area where the Toshiba really had the edge was in the stretch modes and after messing with a 2004 Mits and now buying one, I'll say they have closed the gap. The Toshi's are slightly better in that regard but they have a worse picture(IMHO), are not as tweakable as the Mits and the Toshiba's upconvert to 540p. I personally found this to be the final straw.

    The Hitachi's are nice sets too and I would say they are on par with the Mits but their stretch modes aren't as good as the Mits(and that's saying something), they are more expensive and they upconvert to 540p.

    Every dog has its fleas, you just have to decide which one you want. I went with the Silver Plus Mits and I'm pretty thrilled with it.
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    I've got a Toshiba 57HX93. Paid 2299 for it at Conn's.

    I don't know about the Mits, but the Tosh Powerfocus 4 CRTs are advertised to last 50,000 hours with no appreciable deterioration in brightness. How bout THEM apples?

    And who care about upconverting? From what I've read it's not that big of a deal with video. Also, I play 480p Xbox games and the pq is very nice.

    All three are great TVs. I went with the one that had the killer price.

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