Toshiba DST 3000 Installed.....Whoa....

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  1. Kevin Brashear

    Mar 25, 2002
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    Well, since I couldn't wait any longer for HDTV (plus The Masters Golf tournament is coming up) I sprang for the Toshiba DST-3000 2 weeks ago. Gang, I STILL can't believe how good my Tosh TN50-X81 looks with the "Hi-Def" image. Also, my TV probably (for sure) needs properly calibrated. But, after getting it hooked up, the antenna installed (at my condo) and hunting for broadcasting, I must say that I'm absolutely thrilled with the purchase. My TV is a couple years old and has never looked like this before. I also believe that non-HD signals are upconverted to 1080. If I'm wrong about that someone please let me know. The other channels seem to look better, even though NOTHING looks like the HD channels themselves. I only hope that the broadcasting starts to pick up. My friend and I got 2 inches from the set looking for the pixels. I swear, you could sit 2 feet from the TV and it would look great. It's difficult to go back to "ordinary" TV after watching something in HD. Right now, HDNet is broadcasting last years All Star Baseball game and I'm sitting here stunned. My neighbors and friends thought I was nuts for dropping 700 bucks for this, but I consider it money well spent. Now, bring on The Masters this weekend. I can't wait.
    I also want to thank EVERYONE for their thoughtful insights and posts about this sometimes confusing area of home theaters. I just thought someone who may be on the fence about Hi-Def like I was might like to hear something positive.
    CBS has tons in HD, Fox has some, I've got one HBO channel, and HDNet seems to have some pretty cool stuff. For now I can't get the NBC or ABC affiliate on my system. I'm just a bit too far away from downtown Cincinnati, which means I may have to buy a bit bigger antenna. (It came in pretty handy being the President of the Homeowners Association...)[​IMG]
    Sorry if I've blabbed on, but I'm pretty excited.
    Well, I'm going back to watch the game.
    Thanks again for everyones time and thoughtful input.
    Kevin in Cincinnati
  2. Mike I

    Mike I Supporting Actor

    Jan 20, 2000
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    Yes the regular channels are upconverted to 1080i and while not near HD in quality, look much better than 480i...You can set the STB to output regular channels in 4880i if you wish..The only time I would think you would want to do that though is if you need to record something on a regular VCR..

    ABC does also have plenty of HD content and NBC while not having much now, will have a big increase in HD content this fall...The NBA game , Sat on NBC was great in HD..

    WB will also have 3 or for show in HD this fall..
  3. Dave Miller

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    May 9, 1999
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    Where did you get the DST-3000 for $700?



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