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    I've gone through the THX optimizer and set up my Toshiba 24" flat screen TV to the best of my ability. I am having trouble with the contrast setting. Anything about 30 makes the white boxes look bright but I can always tell the boxes apart. Anyone know where this setting should be.(the max is 64) While I'm posting, I might as well ask about sharpness. I did not find the THX optimizer very helpful in this dept. so I took a scene with test and set is to be as clean looking as possible. Any other way, other that Avia, to set this best? bothe extremes make text look somewhat blurry. Thanks for any help!

    BTW awesome set!
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    Proper way of setting contrast is to use a light meter. You shoot for 30 ft-l of light based on a 100 ire window box taken off AVIA or Video essentials or other test disc.

    When you don't have one ... most just set the contrast between 33% to 50% and never higher.


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