Toshiba 65H81 (or 80) vs Mitsubishi WS 65807 That is the Question?

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    I was wandering if anyone could enlighten me as to the pros and cons of the Toshiba 65H81 (80) and the Mitsubishi WS 65807? What are people's experiences or what have people heard and what are their opinions on these 2 models.
    I kind of had my heart set on the Toshiba, but with my local retailer probably not caring it (and I'd rather not buy it from the internet), and another local retailer carrying the Mitsubishi, I'd like to know the plusses and minuses of both models.
    P.S. I am trying to stay away from the internet stores because its so much easier to get service if anything goes wrong and I can also go complain in person if something goes wrong!
    Thanks for your help!
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    Walt: all I know is that I preferred the picture quality of the 57H81 over the ws55807. Then again, I liked the picture quality of the ws55908 better then the 57H81. I am guessing that when they are released, I'm gonna like the 57HX81 images better than the ws55908s. They only way to know what YOU like is to go and see them for yourself!
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