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Toshiba 57HDX IR blaster? (1 Viewer)

Chris Hovanic

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Jan 3, 2003
This post kinda spans 2 categories (IMO) Moderators please relocate if I picked the wrong one. :)

Do any of you use the IR Blaster out on the back of your set to control gear in a closet?

Here is my setup.

I have all my gear in the closet about 20' back in the rear of the room (cable length about 25'-30' ). I have been trying to use a pyramid type (RCA I think) repeater system to send the signals to the closet. This setup works maybe 75% of the time and seems to lag a bit. Not very good for wife acceptance factor. :frowning:

I think a hard wired system would be best but I would rather not shell out the $$$ if the built in feature in the 57HDX will work.

Some other questions:
Can I split off the main run from the IR Blaster with a mini-plug Y splitter to add more IR emitters in my closet (TV only came with one)?

I have a length of unused CAT5 cable between the TV and gear closet. Can I wire a male and female mini-plug to either end and use that as an extension cable?

Where can I buy stick on IR emitters?

Would I be better off with a system designed to do this instead of wasting my time?


Chris Hovanic

Supporting Actor
Jan 3, 2003
For those that care I bought a pair of male/female mono plugs at the Rat Shack and sodered one male to the 4 twisted pairs of a cat 5 cable (TV end) and two females at my closet (1 to each twisted pair).

I plugged the IR emitter that came with the TV into one and another IR emitter(pair) into the other. This solution works pretty good but really have to point the remote at the TV's receiver.

Some tweaking in the closet with placement may help. I think the stick on emitters would be the best bet.

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