Toshiba 5700 vieo noise

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    Hi all,

    Ok, I realize that this is starting to sound like I'm bashing the 5700, but I really want to know what THIS bizarre problem is.

    I bought my friend's Zenith PRO880X video projector tonight. It's a "side-grade" to replace my 52" projector TV. While playing some movies, especially Superman, I found that there's this odd video noise, almost like what you'd see if you were playing a Macrovision DVD through a VCR, but it only last for a few frames, is accompanied by what I can only describe as tiny diagonal lines akin to the interference I used to get on cable TV, and then it disappears. The thing is, it always happens in the same spots, but doesn't seem to be caused by anything specific. What's even more bizarre is that it DOESN'T happen on the JVC I'm trying to replace! Anyone have a clue as to what this could be?

    DVD Player - Toshiba 5700

    Projector - Zenith PRO880X

    Receiver - Denon 5800

    Monster S-Video cable

  2. Ted Ross

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    I have the 5700 & I dont have the problem you are describing-perhaps yours is faulty?

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