Toshiba 56HM195 or 62HM195?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Gregg00SS, Jul 21, 2006.

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    Looking to buy my first DLP big screen as my little 27" CRT is on the fritz. Price is only about $200 between the 2 models, so that really isn't an issue. From what I can tell, they are the exact TV, just different sizes, so I assume it really comes down to what size do I want? Is it possible to get a TV too big? What are the optimal viewing distances for both of them? Any pros/cons for either TV?
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    - One issue is that some can see the single DLP chip 'rainbow' effects (RBE), ... for the last 5-months, we (family & friends - over 20 have been over during my Friday NITE DVDs) don't see the RBE effects while watching my video calibrated (using Dibital Video Essentials DVD) 1080p 56HM195.

    - Second issue is the Lamp reliability which Toshiba addressed. I had no down time since I knew about it and have an eBay back-up Lamp!!! [​IMG] Anyway, you can read my on-going subjective review including the Lamp issues here.

    Other than those two issues, ... my SATISFACTION = 100% - since it has been reliable and impresses ALL my friends and family, especially crystal clear detailed HDTV broadcasts and upconverted high quality 480p to 1080i DVD blockbuster movies!!! [​IMG]

    Check out my 56HM195 digital pic's, linked below in my signature. NOTE: The digital pic's don't capture all the glorious detailed clarity & subtle color / b&w depths vs. in person.

    Read about the Toshiba 62HM195 in the HT Magazine The Great 1080p HDTV Face Off .

    My Friday NITE DVD tonight is "Secondhand Lions" for a group of friends that missed this funny adventure family movie. [​IMG]

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