Toshiba 50H81 Jack pack location

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    It's on its way from Sears, due to arrive Monday. Of course, I'm preparing by removing my 27" Toshiba and moving my equipment rack.

    I'll have to get some new, longer cabling. I see that the jack pack is on the left (as you face the front of the TV). Can someone please tell me the distance from the back right edge (facing the TV) to the edge of the jack pack?

    Also, for running component video, I was thinking of getting some premade RG6 with coax terminals and attaching the Rat Shack adapters to change to RCA. Good idea or no?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I broke out the ol' tape measure so here goes: From the right edge (while facing) or left edge (while behind) you're looking at 23" to the actual cutout and about another inch before you reach the first set of terminals.

    I'm no cable expert so I'm not going to offer much of an opinion, but I'm guessing most people would vote for a straight run of components rather than coverting an F connector to an RCA. Hope this helps.


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