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Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by David Von Pein, Jan 27, 2003.

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    Feb 4, 2002
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    Maybe I'm just nuts, but I do not believe so.

    I've been reading through the owner's manual of the Toshiba 50H72 (4:3) set, and it says something I do not understand at all (re. the audio connections).

    This TV's speakers are supposed to function as a kind of "phantom" center channel speaker in Pro-Logic applications (2.0 Dolby Surround systems, like I currently have).

    However, the rub seems to be (for my receiver anyway) that it's impossible to hook up to the TV's "center" speaker input, seeing as how there is NO separate center channel output jack on a Pro-Logic receiver. (And why would there be one?! Since Pro-Logic is only a TWO-channel system, with no center at all present.) Makes no sense why the only hook-up is through a jack that can't exist on DPL systems.

    Can anyone with a 50H72 enlighten me on HOW I might be able to accomplish this?

    There's just one set of audio OUT jacks on my DPL unit.

  2. Kyle P

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    Dec 13, 2002
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    I have a 57hdx82 and a reciever with a pre out. Pro Logic is for two channel input and derives a synthetic surround using 5 or 6.1 speaker set up.
    The problem is that the toshiba's internal speakers use the toshiba's built in amp and might be difficult to match the other speakers in your set up. I tried and did not like the results.
    At any rate you do not want to drive the speakers in your toshiba with an amplified signalfrom your reciever. (see your owner's manual)

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