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  1. Curtis O

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    Dec 12, 2001
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    I just purchased a Toshiba 50H71 4:3 TV last week .. finally, after a lot of research from sites as this one! I have a few questions regarding the operation.

    (System: 50H71, Pan A310 DVD, Yamaha amp/cd, Paradigm Monitor 9/CC350/Atom/PS1000, Sat TV)

    1) I have the Panasonic A310 DVD player. There are two settings for picture size on the player. 4:3/16:9 screen size selection and a widescreen/pan&scan selection on another menu. It doesn't seem to matter which I choose, as the image appears to be the same. Which should I be setting it to? Does it matter?

    2) Picture Formats: Assuming I am watching a 2.35:1 aspect ratio DVD, the following occurs:

    - Compression: Black bars above and below the picture

    - Letterbox: Above and below the pictures is divided into two sections, half is greyed out and half is black. The black portion is adjacent to the image, the grey is the very top and bottom of the TV.

    I had understood I should be seeing the entire image as grey when in letter box mode. Comments?

    3) I am using the component inputs and have the video mode set to film (3:2 pulldown enabled). I don't have Avia yet (I pretty much know it is an Xmas present), but in the meantime, how can I confirm the 3:2 pulldown is working correctly?

    4) I plan to do a 56-point convergence after about 200 hrs of burn-in. The 9-point convergence has an awful lot of blue blooming in the crosshairs. How can I reduce the blue image contrast? Or should I?

    Overall, I really enjoy the TV. It is better than my sister's Sony HS10 IMHO. I will put in a review after I have had a good month or two with the TV.

    Any other pointers/comments/reviews on the TV?

    THanks a lot!

  2. JasonKrol

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    Aug 19, 2001
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    make sure that in your DVD player options, you have it set to 16x9 tv instead of 4x3 tv. That seems to be a big problem for alot of people initially.

    Other wise, your DVD player will not take advantage of the Anamorphic aspect of the DVDs.
  3. Michael TLV

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    Michael Chen

    With the TV in film mode, the 3:2 is there for film based material.

    You can do the 56 point convergence now. There is no time bomb that limits your access to it. Do it now ... do it next week ... do it anytime you want.

    Forget about all this waiting.

    Just let the TV warm up at least 30 minutes beofre doing it.


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