Toshiba 42H81 vs Panasonic 47WX49 vs Hitachi 43UWX10

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    I was all set to go start hassling Sears to get a Panasonic 47WX49 at some outrageously cheap price, but stopped in at a Video Only store first to see it sitting next to the Toshiba and the Hitachi.

    Well, I was not impressed. All three were showing Shrek, and the Panasonic looked terrible, the image was so soft details were absolutely lost. The pockmarks on the ogre's nose disappeared, Princess Fiona had highlights in her hair that I could see on the Toshiba and the Hitachi, but on the Panasonic I could not even see individual strands of hair, let alone any highlights.

    I know that things can stand fine tuning, but the sales guy reset each one to default settings and the Panasonic was so red it looked awful.

    Is this softness/clarity thing a known Panasonic problem? I have not seen anyone complaining about it.

    The Toshiba and the Hitachi looked about equal to me in terms of clarity and color balance, and I am trying to decide which one to buy. So if anyone has some first hand experience with reliability, ease of maintenance, fine tuning tips or if one is aknowledged to have better components or software etc., I need some guidence. I was also interested in the Mitsubishi WT-46809, but I have not found a dealer selling the Mitsubishi and the Hitachi/Toshibas to see them side-by-side. But I did see one at Cambridge soundworks, and the screen looked phenomenal, with little brightness fall off at different angles.

    One thing pushing me to the Toshiba, is that the store was offering the Toshiba DST3000 for $400 BEFORE the $100 mail in rebate (for purchasing with a digital TV), and even if we did not sign up for DirecTV the penalty brings the total cost to only $450.

    Big decision, don't want to spend the money on a mistake. Wife was tired, wanted to just spend the money and get the Toshiba, I want to do more research.


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    buy the toshiba. I have a 50hx81....steller picture.

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