Toshiba 34HDX82 service codes-geometric issues. please help

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Sebastien S, Jul 17, 2003.

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    Hi, I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right erea?

    I have the Toshiba 34HDX82 34' widescreen TV. Could anyone tell me how to access the service menu?

    I wish to correct some geometric issues (not sure if that is the right term?), I have the AVIA DVD.

    I am told that this DVD can help me, however I have never done this or anything like this before. I have used the DVD to calibrate my TV but that was easy because their was a voice track that would explain everything.

    For what I wish to do now, their is no voice track to help what so ever and I'm not even sure where I need to go on the DVD?

    I realize that I am probably being a pain here, but if any of you have this TV and know exactly what I have to do step by step, I would really appreciate your help!

    I'm afraid of messing things up.


    If I were to try and find a profesional to do this for me, under what service would I be looking for in the phone book?
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    DISCLAIMER: This is info I've gathered while researching Toshiba TVs and I am not sure if it applies to all models.

    I suggest you go to in their Toshiba forum or to I haven't looked at the keohihdtv link myself, but you should be able to find more info there.

    Service Menu:
    Press mute twice, then press/hold it a 3rd time and press the 'menu' button on the tv. Then press menu again once you see the S, then press "tv-video" or "input" on the remote. You should see an all white screen. The channel up/down on the remote then moves thru the menu items. Don't press volume up/down when in service mode, as this changes settings.
    To get out of service mode and back into normal settings, simply hit the power switch.

    In the service menu adjust the following for each of the TW modes, be sure to turn off the set after adjusting each TW mode to save the settings.
    HIT = picture height (for overscan)
    WID = picture width (for overscan)
    HPOS = horizontal postion (for centering)
    VPS1, VPS2 = vertical position, coarse/fine (for centering)
    NATURAL/FULL = use the same settings
    TW2/TW3 = use the same settings
    TW1 = uses its own settings

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