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    My brother just purchased the 42" Toshiba RPTV, I don't know the model number, and the set appears to process 3:2 pulldown as advertised. I tested several very difficult DVD's, Fifth Element, Stargate, Tron and the set performed as well as the JVC Progressive Scan player we compared it against. All the desert scenes and straight lines in Tron we rock solid.

    Based on the test I called Toshiba and asked about arranging to have my TW56X81 upgraded to perform 3:2 pulldown. I spoke with two different customer service reps and they knew what 3:2 pulldown process was. They took my personal information and told me they would arrange to send me a remote that I could use to upgrade the set. Afterwords, I was to return the remote to Toshiba.

    I don't know what to think I will just wait and see if I receive the remote. Has anyone else received a special remote from Toshiba to upgrade their X series RPTV to perform 3:2 pulldown?

    I think it is important to have the 3:2 pulldown process in the set regardless of wheteher or not DVD players perform the process better. How is the DVD player going to help us when we are viewing HBO in HDTV? Isn't that the reason why manufacturers are now including 3:2 pulldown in their RPTV's? Or is it a useless selling gimic that is only worthwhile when viewing DVD"s?
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    Ernest, I've got a 40h80 toshiba model and I called toshiba last November...still haven't recieved the damn remote. I was going to call them sometime this week to see if they will still send it out to me. Also, there is a way to do this with a cinema 7 all for one remote...but I'm not sure if you can still buy this remote or not. Does anyone else out there know.


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