Tosh 40H80 power up problem

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    Feb 23, 2000
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    I've noticed that about 20% the time I power up my 40H80, I will hear some extra clicks and the set reverts back to the 4:3 mode. Also when this happens, it loses it's clock setting. On one occasion, the power light came on, but no picture or sound. At that point it would not let me turn off the set, so I unplugged it for a few seconds. After plugging it back in, it powered up normally.
    I contacted my local dealer today about this. He said they came across one other set that did this and that Toshiba is aware of this problem. However, it has happened is so few sets, that Tosh is not exactly sure what is going on. They suspect that there is a static discharge occuring between the power and data lines which run together.
    My local tech (someone I've known for over 20yrs, thank goodness!) will come over Tues to try the fix that Toshiba has suggested. He also encouraged me to call Tosh to assign a case number so I will be covered if this continues outside the warranty period.
    To the best of my knowledge, he is going to separate the data and power lines and add some insulation in key places.
    I will certainly post the results when known.
    Anyone else have this problem or heard of this?
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    I have had similar experiences and would like to know what
    your outcome is.

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