Tosbiha 57HDX82 / SD4800

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    I just made the big move and ordered a Toshiba 57HDX82, and got an SD4800 progressive DVD player with it. I got a great deal which was only a bit more than the same deal with only a 50HDX, so I am pretty excited.

    I know the first move is to turn down the contrast and brightness. What are safe levels to keep these at concerning burn-in?

    What else should I do with the set to make sure I am getting the most of it? I will calibrate it with AVIA for now and then maybe think about an ISF calibration down the road a bit.

    This will be my first 16x9 HDTV and I am very much looking forward to it. I have been using an RCA MM36100 which was a digital HDTV type resolution 4x3 TV. It was excellent, but this is the right move for sure!

    Thanks in advance for any feedback.

  2. Jim Doolittle

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    My recommendation would be to use the "Movie" mode of the set and start any tweaking you are going to do from there. I would also recommend that you use your DVD player in non-progressive mode on this set as it will upconvert the 480P to 540P. It actually does a better job of upconverting 480i to 540P.
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    Aaron Gould

    I am in possession of a new 57HDX82 and SD3800 player.

    Would this combo benefit by using interlaced playback from the SD3800, and having my TV upconvert to 540p? Or is this just with the SD4800?

    It just seems odd that the TV upconverting an interlaced signal would be better than the native progressive DVD playback...

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