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Toronto SARS Concert coming. 2 Disc Edition Canada Only. (1 Viewer)

Greg Madsen

Second Unit
Jul 30, 2003

Rolling out a DVD
Relive your fave SARS-stock moment with Toronto Rocks
Toronto Sun
Ever wondered what Mick Jagger and Justin Timberlake talked about before their duet of Miss You/Cry Me A River during the Rolling Stones' closing set at SARS-stock last summer?

Well, you can find out on June 29 when Toronto Rocks, a two-disc DVD documenting the multi-act concert at Downsview Park that drew close to a half-million people -- the largest ticket single day event in history -- is released.

"In Canada, it's basically the concert -- about 90% -- and then some," said concert organizer Michael Cohl in an exclusive interview with The Sun yesterday afternoon prior to today's official unveiling of the much-anticipated DVD.

"Meaning there's some really nifty backstage pieces, at least for me. And I'm still a music fan, somehow still, after all these years. But when I go back, and I see Justin and Mick sitting on stage going, 'When do you want me to come in? Which bar? What about this?' And Mick saying to Justin, 'And this is where you should do, Cry Me A River, and Justin like nearly faints! It's sort of like, 'He knows my song?' 'Cause he looks at him. He's stunned for about a five-second (interval) of silence and then he looks at him and goes, 'Really?' And Mick says, 'Yeah, I think they'd really like that.' "

Cohl said the two-disc Toronto Rocks set, with a suggested retail price of $39.96, would be available at all retailers in Canada.

In the rest of the world, including the U.S., Toronto Rocks will be released as a single disc.

Cohl had to fight to get every act on the bill included on the worldwide disc.

"I got everybody on it," said Cohl, "but some of them are on the actual DVD of the concert and some of them are in the bonus features. Warner wouldn't take two discs for the rest of the world."

Cohl said all of the profits from the DVD sales have been earmarked for various charities that will be announced today at a press conference in Toronto.

In the meantime, The Sun exclusively obtained the Toronto Rocks track listing:


Available exclusively in Canada

* Sam Roberts: Don't Walk Away Eileen, Brother Down, Where Have All The Good People Gone

* Kathleen Edwards: One More Song The Radio Won't Like, Mercury, 6 O'Clock News

* La Chicane: Viens Donc M'voir, Le Fil, Le Yab De St. Nitouche

* The Tea Party: Temptation, Heaven Coming Down, Sister Awake/Paint It Black

* Blue Rodeo: Trust Yourself, Hasn't Hit Me Yet, Lost Together

* Sass Jordan: High Road Easy, You Don't Have To Remind Me, Brand New Day, Make You A Believer (featuring Jeff Healey)

Bonus Material

* In The Crowd -- Experience the concert from the fans' perspective

* Press Tent -- See your favourite musicians talking to the media


Available in Canada and worldwide

* The Love Will Travel Revue (Featuring Dan Aykroyd and Jim Belushi): Skybox Ballroom Pump

* The Flaming Lips: Race For The Prize, Do You Realize

* The Love will Travel Revue: Dig Myself A Hole

* The Isley Brothers: Who's That Lady, Shout

* Justin Timberlake: Senorita

* The Love Will Travel Revue: Time Won't Let Me

* The Guess Who: American Woman, No Time

* Rush: Limelight, Freewill, Paint It Black/The Spirit Of Radio

* AC/DC: Back In Black, Thunderstruck

* Rolling Stones: Start Me Up, Ruby Tuesday, Miss You (featuring Justin Timberlake), Rock Me Baby (with AC/DC), Satisfaction, Jumpin' Jack Flash

Bonus material

* The Photo: Exclusive backstage footage of all the bands getting together for a group photo

* Justin Timberlake Meets The Rolling Stones: An insider's look at Justin hanging with the Stones

* AC/DC Rockin' With The Stones: The two powerhouse bands onstage together

* Director's Chair: Director Marty Callner calls the shots for AC/DC's Thunderstruck

* Get The Party Started: Featurette on the opening performances (More on Rolling Stones)

Chris Bardon

Senior HTF Member
Jul 4, 2000
That's all the AC/DC on there? I didn't make it to the show, but everyone I knew who did end up going said that while the stones were pretty lackluster, AC/DC were unbelievable.

Still, might have to pick this up all the same-sounds like a good concert DVD.


Second Unit
Feb 20, 2004
Real Name
I was at the concert and there was definitely more AC/DC performances (I believe they also sang Hell's Bells, Shook me all night long, correct me if there's more) than the two songs on the DVD.

Interested to watch the DVD.

Andrew Radke

May 8, 2003
Guelph, Ontario - Canada
Real Name
Andrew Radke
The AC/DC & Guess Who performances would've been the selling point for me, but I know for fact that AC/DC performed more than 2 songs.......at least 4 or 5 if memory serves me correctly. I also believe The Guess Who performed 'These Eyes' in their set.

I wasn't at the show (my friend was) but I caught a lot of the coverage on CBC throughout that day. There is at LEAST one song missing from the Stones set as well.........'Honky Tonk Woman'. I know for fact they performed that at the concert. I can't recall exactly what else they performed, but HTW is definitely missing. I'm disappointed by this. If anything, a lot of the preceeding bands should've received a 1 or 2 song treatment. I mean, who needs 3 songs by Kathleen Edwards. 3 songs by La Chicane. Even The Tea Party could've survived with one less song.

But to cut the sets of the MAIN acts, especially the headlining act (The Stones) just makes no sense. I was interested in purchasing this when I saw the promo on the 'Four Flicks' set, but now I'm afraid I'll have to pass.

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