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    Mar 21, 2001
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    Just noticed this disc is out.

    After MGMs horrid treatment of The Apartment, I don't much trust their El Cheapo releases.

    Anyone seen this disc yet? How's it look?
  2. Peter M Fitzgerald

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    Mar 21, 1999
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    Peter Fitzgerald
    I just got the DVD yesterday, but I haven't watched it all the way through yet. The (1.66:1 letterboxed) print looks identical to the print used for the earlier MGM/UA laserdisc version, and airings on TCM. That is to say, it looks reasonably good (IMHO), but it isn't some incredible, vibrant film/video restoration. The audio sounds a bit clearer on the DVD (on the LD, some of Melina Mercouri's dialogue at the beginning of the movie, about how much she wants the emeralds, was a little tough to make out). The only extra is the film's trailer, which is the same as on the laserdisc, but includes a full ending that was clipped a bit short on the LD edition. There are optional French and Spanish subtitles, but no English subs. I think there's also a French soundtrack, but I'll have to go back and check that out to make sure.
    I think it's a fairly worthwhile disc, especially considering the price, even if it hasn't been given royal treatment. The film is a must for fans of heist flicks, and those who were wowed by RIFIFI, in particular. I like to imagine that the characters & events in TOPKAPI are taking place at the same time as Bond & company's exploits in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, but on the other side of town. [​IMG]

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