Top Wall Street Analyst: Pay TV “Cord-Cutting Is Real”

Discussion in 'Streaming and Digital Media' started by Kevin Collins, Jun 5, 2013.

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    Kevin Collins
    No one on the planet may know more about the pay-TV business than Craig Moffett, who analyzed it consistently and cogently for about a decade at Bernstein Research up until the end of last year. He resurfaced last month at his own research firm, Moffett Research, and returned Monday to the subject he knows so well with a simple message that stood out from the rest of a 135-page coverage initiation document: “cord-cutting is real.”

    Have you "cut the cord"?

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    I haven't yet, but if I could convince my wife I would. The only real issue for me would be college football season and I could probably watch what I want at my brothers', or actually go to a bar.....

    A good friend of mine did, however, and she's not regretting it.
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    The only reason I haven't cut the cord is because my former employer is a distributor of DirecTV. If, and when, their subsidy of my service ends...I probably will end my service. Currently get all the channels for less than the basic package. Just about the only perk left from formerly "selling DirecTV."
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    I have basic cable ONLY because Comcast insists that folks get packages with their Internet. That, and it's hard to get local air channels down here in the mountain valley.
    At some point, that's literally the only thing that's kept me from "cutting the cord", since I don't watch much local or network TV at all besides local news at supper and before bed.

    Reason why it's taken folks so long to go Pro-Choice and notice that cable has become the same morass of reality-TV shows, is that our generation--old enough to buy our own cable--grew up with the days when scheduled broadcast TV was...what you DID. It was your week--Thursday nights were Cheers or Cosby, Sunday(?) nights were X-Files, some here are old enough to think "Happy Days" when they see Tuesday.
    Now, we're in control of our own destiny to stay up late and watch prime-time shows without school nights, and...there's nothing on anymore. :( Think that's why we've gone so nutty lately every time we find ourselves actually watching a show week-to-week, like Once Upon a Time, Downton Abbey or Game of Thrones. I remember actually getting excited to watch a classic PBS serial a couple summers ago, and thinking "Wow, get me!--I'm watching a NETWORK SERIES! On broadcast TV! BEFORE it appears on Netflix or Hulu! :) "
    It felt like, for one brief moment, our TV childhoods hadn't betrayed us.

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