top lines of 2.35 movies almost seems like a mirror of the lines below it. help.

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  1. Rob Michaw

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    I have tried the 56-pt convergence, but I am not really finding out what to do. The top 20 lines or so of a 2.35 progressively scanned anamorphic disc look as if they have a line through them, or doubled data running through it...almost as if there is a mirrored reflecion of the material beneath it. I have a 1 week old Tosh 42H81.
    Any ideas? Is it most likely my poor abilities to tweak the top lines of the convergence?
    rob michaw
  2. Allan Jayne

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    Nov 1, 1998
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    There exists a TV defect where the first few picture-containing scan lines start being drawn while the electron beam is still being returned to the top of the screen. I think the term is "foldover". It looks like a mirror image effect of the top edge of the picture.
    I don't know how to fix it, but if only six or so scan lines are affected, servicemen sometimes just increase the overscan so it isn't seen.
    I have seen a badly aging TV where more than 10 percent of the top of the picture was folded over in this manner.
    Another problem, which is usually attributed to the mechanical nature of laser disk or VHS tape, is flag waving, the very top or bottom of the picture is squished to the left or right so upright lines are bent at the very top or bottom. TV's can have this problem too.
    Other video hints:
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