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Jan 12, 2002
Well, my system comes tomorrow and I am trying to figure out how I am going to connect it all. Here's what I have:

RPTV - Mits 73" WS73909
Receiver - Denon AVR4802
DVD - Denon DVD-3800
Speakers - Definitive BP3000TL (2), Definitive C/L/R3000,
Definitive BPVX/P (2)

Now, along with that I have the Xbox, PS2, and GameCube. All 3 of those game systems have component cables to go with them, as well as the DVD player. The dealer and installer seem to think they can all work.

So, I've been looking for a type of switcher that you can plug in multiple component cables and switch between whatever you want to use. I know JVC makes one, but I'm not looking to spend $600 on it.

Oh and another thing...how does the optical audio thing work? The Xbox comes with some type of optical audio input thing.

Dave Nibeck

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Feb 23, 2000
You are in a bit of a pickle - kinda.

Not sure on your TV. I have the 65819 and it only has three component inputs.

Your receiver has only 3 component inputs (I also have the 4802).

For ease of use - I would connect the video portion of all your components directly to the TV. One of your games will have to be connected to a composite input. The problem with this setup is that you will have to change inputs on both TV and receiver. Your mitsu comes with Denon codes and an IR transmitter. If you have a programmable remote (other then the atkis that comes with the receiver - and I might be wrong here) you can program the discrete codes for the TV inputs. I don't think using your receiver to switch video is a good option because you are stuck with one extra device.

As far as the optical audio thing? You will need an optical cable for your xbox (as well as the connection). This optical cable just plugs into the back of the 4802. You will make the input assignment at setup. You can use this for the dvd also or just use the digital out (using a quality average patch cord).

Glenn Overholt

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Mar 24, 1999
As for the component switching, you can buy a cheap composite manual switcher for $10 and up. They work great and there is no degradation of the signals.


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