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Jul 9, 2001
I am attempting to setup a sound/home theater system in a room that is 22 X 25. It will not be a dedicated theater, but a "den".
I am thinking of purchasing the Sony KV32XBR400 because I love watching TV. This leaves with with two main problems: receiver, and speakers.
I have looked and read reviews for the Yahama RX - 1000, but would rather not spend $900. I have then gone to the Yamaha HTR 5280, but this is about $600. Before I decide, can anyone recommend something for less than the $600 that will do the same if not better than the 5280. It must have an A/B switch so I can also use it to listen to music in a second room.
Next problem, the speakers. I have looked at the Home Theater in a box, and wow, the prices seem RIGHT! Anyhow, the wife factor requires that the speakers in this home theater/den room be almost invisible. I have looked at the Bose 15 system, but do I really need to spend $1300? I have spoken to salesman who have told me that for less money they can reccommend speakers that "blow away" the Bose and for less money. Somehow, I suspect the motives of someone who will get a commission on my purchase.
What can you suggest?
Finally, I need a DVD/CD player capable of holding more than one disc.
Can all this be done well for less than $1500(excluding TV)?
I would appreciate any help you can offer.
Thank you.

Brian Shannon

Stunt Coordinator
Jun 2, 1999
It can be done, but this is a large room.
My advice would be to decide on speakers first. Then decide what receiver to get to power them.
Good luck.

Matt Malto

Stunt Coordinator
May 31, 1999
I won't suggest any speakers because you really should go listen and buy what sounds good to you. Besides, as soon as I tell you one thing someone will come right behind me and tell you something else. :) I will say that it sounds like you had an honest salesperson for once. DO NOT waste your money on Bose. On that I think any one here will back me up.


Dec 18, 2000
Avoid the Bose. Look at one of the Def Tech Pro Cinema series. I doubt you can get everything that you want for under $1,800. A good baseline to go by is the Onkyo TX-DS595 receiver ($399), Ascend Acoustics CBM-170 package w/the HSU VTF-2 sub ($1,100), and the Panasonic RV-31 dvd player ($200 - single disk). That should give you an idea of what you will be looking at spending for a good system.
Jul 9, 2001
Thank you for your rely. I did some research on the advise you gave me, and you really know your onions. Thanks again.
The Ascend Acoustics rate very well, but their size is giving my wife a heartattack. She goes to Best Buy and sees all these tiny speakers. Do you know of anything that sounds excellent, but is smaller than the 12 9 CBM - 170 's
Thanks again.

Joe Cole

Second Unit
Aug 1, 1999
I am going to go the more dangerous route..... go slow with your HT project and slowly attempt to 'educate' the wife. Patience will pay off. Listen to many speakers of various sizes and types then take her along. Bribe her, take her out to dinner stuff like that but do every thing you can to get her out of the 'little' speaker mode. It can be done. You won't be happy with teeny tiny speakers that sound like they belong in an elevator.
Joe C.
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Mike E W

May 7, 2001
You also have the option of finding speakers she wont mind seeing. Unfortunatly that will be a more expensive route but you will be able to get a much better speaker. I had no small battle getting a HT in my family room and my wife still has some reservations about the sub but she's coming to terms with it. We got the AT 450e system with a couple of extra dipoles. She liked the black piano finsh since she felt she would be able to decorate around it. This was the most speaker in terms of size I could get away with. I also agree with the fellow that mentioned trying to educate your spouse, my wife freely admits she would have been willing to both spend more and have more obtrusive (visable was not good was her mindset in the begining)gear now that she has lived with and enjoyed a HT and seen the light so to speak.

Ben M

Feb 22, 2001
I must agree,
Try to avoid the "Small Speaker Syndrome" like the plague. While these speakers tend to sound adequate for home theater at first, their deficiencies become readily apparent when music is played.
Over time they become annoying for even home theater due to the limited bandwidth and lack of dynamics.
The Ascend Acoustics system mentioned in this thread is a fantastic high-performance system that is leagues ahead of those small speakers. Perhaps you can overcome the need for tiny speakers with wall mounts?
Good Luck

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