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Jan 20, 2003
ONLY titles with a price are for sale at this time.

Small list of wanted titles is provided at bottom of this post.

FREE shipping w/delivery confirmation service to USA only on orders totaling over $25. Otherwise, shipping to the USA is a flat $2. Shipping charges to other locations will be at actual cost.
Cheap titles (e.g. those under $8) will likely need to be purchased in multiples.

TV - Alfred Hitchcock Presents Volumes 1 through 4 (all the Hitchcock-directed episodes - will NOT breakup and FOR OUTRIGHT SALE only) $100

TV - Star Trek - The Original Series - Seasons 1, 2 and 3 (all factory sealed, will NOT breakup and FOR OUTRIGHT SALE only) $230

TV - Space 1999 Megaset (outer box has a little wear on the edges, FOR OUTRIGHT SALE only) $85

TV - Oz Season 1 $28
TV - Law and Order: Criminal Intent: Season 1 $28
TV - The Critic: The Entire Series $28
TV - King of the Hill Season 1 $18
TV - Angels in America $20
TV - Rex the Runt - The Complete Collection (think Wallace and Gromit) $20
TV - Dukes of Hazzard - Season 1
TV - Chappelle's Show - Season 1 # TRADED #
TV - Son of the Beach - Season 1
TV - Sandford and Son - Seasons 1 through 4 (2,3 and 4 still sealed)

Disney - Fantasia Anthology $50
Disney - 101 Dalmations: Limited Issue (OOP) $25
Disney - Pinocchio: Gold Collection (OOP) $25
Disney - Pinocchio: Limited issue (OOP) $25
Disney - Schoolhouse Rock!
Disney - Pocahontas (Sealed)

Horror - Blind Date$5
Horror - Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Family Portrait Revisited$5
Horror - Uncle Sam (original Elite release)$5
Suspense - Femme Fatale (amaray)$5
Horror - Devil's Rain$6
Horror - Eight Legged Freaks (widescreen)$6
Action - Devil's Keep$7
Comedy - Billy Elliot$7
Drama - Fisher King$7
Drama - Ghost World$7
Horror - Bride of Chucky$7
Horror - Cheerleader Camp (Anchor Bay, Teri Weigel and Leif Garrett!) $7
Horror - Hell of the Living Dead (Bruno Mattei dir.)$7
Horror - Toxic Avenger 3: Last Temptation of Toxie$6
Horror - Bloody Pit of Horror$8
Horror - Four Sided Triangle (Hammer Collection, SEALED)$8
Horror - Johnsons, The (Anchor Bay)$8
Horror - Tomb of Torture$8
Action - Shatter (Hammer Collection)$9
Horror - Bubba Ho-Tep$9
SciFi - Minority Report (2-disc)$7 #SOLD #
SciFi - Shape of Things to Come $9
Action - Vengeance of She (Hammer Collection, SEALED)$10
Action - Zero Effect$10
Comedy - Garfield: The Movie$8
Comedy - Mighty Wind$10
Comedy - People From Space (Elite)$7
Drama - Back Against the Wall (SEALED)$8
Drama - Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys$8
Drama - Ninth Configuration (William Peter Blatty)$10
Drama - Thirteen$8
Drama - Whale Rider$10
Drama - White Oleander$10
Horror - Amityville 2: The Possession (R4/PAL) $ 10
Horror - Cold Hearts $10
Horror - Devil Rides Out (Hammer Collection)$10
Horror - Fade to Black$10
Horror - Killer Barbys (Jess Franco)$10 #SOLD #
Horror - King of the Ants (Stuart Gordon dir.)$10 #TRADED #
SciFi - Aliens: CE (2-disc)$10# SOLD #
Horror - Fear in the Night (Hammer Collection)$11
Horror - Ghosts of Edendale (from the makers of Last Broadcast $ 10
SciFi - Time After Time$11 #SOLD #
Comedy/Documentary - Super Size Me $12
Comedy/Documentary - Fahrenheit 9/11 $12
Foreign - Ping Pong (Panorama release, R3, with DTS)$12
Horror - Mummy's Shroud (Hammer)$12
Suspense - Cellular (Kim Basinger, Larry Cohen screenwriter) $12
Horror - Tower of Evil$13
Horror - Witches, The (Hammer)$13
Action - Escape From New York: SE (2-disc)$14
Horror - Cannibal Man$14
Horror - Dementia/Daughter of Horror (Kino) $14
Horror - Living Dead Girl (Jean Rollin dir.)$14
Horror - Tell Me Something (Kino)$14
Action - Glory: SE (2-disc, sealed) $15
Comedy - Men in Black: Limited Edition (OOP)$15
Horror - Ghost of Frankenstein/Son of Frankenstein (OOP, sealed)$10
Horror - Taste of Blood$15
Horror - Firestarter (OOP)$7
Horror - Curse of the Voodoo (Elite , OOP, unrated) $16
Horror - Kiss Me Monster (Jess Franco, OOP)$20
Horror - Sleepless (Dutch Filmworks R0/PAL)$20
Horror - Ring 0 (Tartan, R2/PAL)$20
Horror - Ring 2 (Tartan, R2/PAL)$20
Horror - Guinea Pig: Flower of Flesh and Blood/Making of Guinea Pig (Unearthed Films, UNCUT)$10 #SOLD #
Action - Big Trouble in Little China (OOP 2-disc with exclusive DTS track) $25
Horror - Wicker Man: LE (wooden box set, OOP)$30
Comedy - Rocky Horror Picture Show: 25th Anniversary Edition (OOP, 2-disc)$35
Horror - The Reptile (Hammer Collection, OOP) $40
Criterion - Robocop (OOP, UPC has a pen mark on it, can send a pic if ya like) $30

Comedy - Blues Brothers: CE (bought new, disc was loose, opened it, which revealed a couple of small marks on the disc but nothing major at all) $40

Horror - Bride of Re-animator (far superior OOP Artrisan/Pioneer release, widescreen and with all the special features that the re-release does not have - disc has some scuffing) #SOLD #

Drama - Casino (OOP) $25

Comedy - Mallrats (OOP) $20

Drama - Showgirls V.I.P. Giftset (sealed)
Comedy - Eating Raoul #SOLD #
Drama - Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
Drama - Sound of Music (2-disc, sealed)
Horror - Evil Dead Trap 2
Suspense - Spartan (Mamet dir.)
Comedy - Elf (widescreen)
Horror - Blood on the Mummy's Tomb (Hammer 2-disc)
Drama - Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Horror - Dead End Drive In
Horror - Demonia (Fulci dir.)
Horror - Demons of the Mind (Hammer)
Horror - Dead Water
Horror - Devil Rides Out (Hammer)
Horror - Edge of Sanity (Anthony Perkins)
Horror - The Fog: SE
Drama - Full Frontal
Drama - Good Will Hunting: Collector's Series
Comedy - Mel Brooks History of the World Part One # TRADED #
Horror - Hobb's End
Drama - House of Sand and Fog
Horror - House of Seven Corpses (Image)
Suspense - In the Cut (Meg Ryan,unrated)
Comedy - Jackass (widescreen)
Comedy - Joe Somebody
Horror - The Johnsons (Anchor Bay)
Horror - Killer Barbys (Jess Franco dir.)
Action - Last Samurai (widescreen)
Drama - Liebestraum (Mike Figgis dir.)
Horror - Lust for a Vampire (Hammer)
Horror - Macabre (Lamberto Bava)
Horror - Mountaintop Motel Massacre
Horror - Needful Things
Comedy - Pretty Woman (10th Anniversary)
Horror - Puphedz
Drama - Quest for Fire
Horror - Raising Cain
Horror - Raw Meat
Comedy - Real Genius
Drama - River's Edge
Comedy - Road Trip (unrated)
Horror - Skinned Alive
Comedy - Something Wild (Johnathan Demme dir.) #SOLD #
Horror - Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-a-rama #SOLD #
Horror - Squirm
Drama - Stand By Me (sealed)
Horror - The Surgeon
Comedy - Sweet Home Alabama
Suspense - The Tailor of Panama
Horror - Wishmaster/Wishmaster 2
Horror - Wizard of Gore (Herscell Gordon Lewis) # TRADED #
Children - Fraggle Rock - Where it All Began

Drama - Mystic River: Deluxe Edition (3-disc)

Missing, The: Superbit
Leon: The Professional: Superbit
xXx: Superbit

DTS Music:

Sheryl Crow - The Globe Sessions (DTS-ES 6.1)$10
Handel's Messiah - London Symphony (Silverline, DTS/24 bit) $10
Studio Voodoo (DTS-ES 6.1, DVD-audio tracks)$12

Bob Dylan - Blonde and Blonde$10 #SOLD#
Chicago - Music from the Motion Picture$12
Joe Satriani - Engines of Creation $13
Joe Satriani - Strange Beautiful Music $13


Dishwalla - Opaline $10
Dokken - Erase the Slate $10
Aaron Neville - Believe$10 #SOLD#



- Band of Brothers
- From the Earth to the Moon
- Twilight Zone - The Definitive Edition - Season 1
- Twilight Zone - 80's series
- Smallville (any season)

Demo discs:

- THX Ultimate Demo Disc
- DTS demo disc Volumes 1 and 2 (I have all of the other ones already)
- not interested in any of those Best Buy demo discs

Happiness of the Katakuris
Mask of Zorro: Superbit (lesser want)
Patriot: Superbit (lesser want)
Spun: Unrated Director's Cut (cheapo/lesser want)
Wild Things: SE (latest release/cheapo/lesser want)
Phone (Tartan Asia Extreme)
Top Gun: SE (maybe)
Dragonheart: DTS (lesser want)
Leon - The Professional: Deluxe Edition (lesser want)
Life of Brian: Criterion Collection
Raging Bull: SE
Dr. Strangelove: SE
Wild at Heart: SE
Little Giants (lesser want)

Reference-quality DTS 6.1 ES, DD 5.1 EX, THX certified, etc. DVD movies that I don't already own.

Concert DVDs:

- Yes: Yessongs
- Erasure: The Tank, The Swan, and The Balloon Live
- A-Ha: Live at Vallhall - Homecoming

SACD, DVD-A and MFSL audio discs.


Supporting Actor
Jan 20, 2003
Sorry, Marco, nothing caught my eye that I don't own/haven't already owned. Thanks for the inquiry though.

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