Tom and Jerry: Spotlight Collection - LIST OF SHORTS

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    Disc One: The 1940s

    1. The Yankee Doodle Mouse (1943) - Academy Award Winner
    2. Sufferin' Cats (1943)
    3. Baby Puss (1943)
    4. The Zoot Cat (1944)
    5. The Million Dollar Cat (1944)
    6. The Bodyguard (1944) - w/Spike
    7. Mouse Trouble (1944) - Academy Award Winner
    8. Tee for Two (1945)
    9. Flirty Birdy (1945)
    10. Quiet Please (1945) - Academy Award Winner, w/Spike
    11. The Milky Waif (1946) - First Animated Appearance of Nibbles
    12. Solid Serenade (1946) - w/Spike and 'Toots'
    13. Cat Fishin' (1947) - w/Spike
    14. The Cat Concerto (1947) - Academy Award Winner
    15. Kitty Foiled (1948)
    16. The Truce Hurts (1948) - w/Spike
    17. Salt Water Tabby (1947) - w/Toots
    18. The Invisible Mouse (1947)
    19. The Little Orphan (1949) - Academy Award Winner, w/Nibbles
    20. Heavenly Puss (1949)

    Disc Two: The 1950s
    1. Texas Tom (1950) - w/Toots
    2. Jerry and the Lion (1950)
    3. Tom & Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl (1950)
    4. Jerry and the Goldfish (1951)
    5. Cueball Cat (1950)
    6. Slicked-Up Pup (1951) - w/Spike & Tyke
    7. Jerry's Cousin (1951) - w/Muscles Mouse
    8. Cat Napping (1951)
    9. The Flying Cat (1952)
    10. The Two Mouseketeers (1952) - Academy Award Winner, w/Nibbles
    11. Smitten Kitten (1952)
    12. Johann Mouse (1953) - Academy Award Winner
    13. Two Little Indians (1953)
    14. Baby Butch (1954)
    15. Mice Follies (1954) - w/Nibbles
    16. Designs on Jerry (1955)
    17. Pecos Pest (1955) - w/Uncle Pecos
    18. Touche Pussycat! (1954) - w/Nibbles
    19. The Flying Sorceress (1956) - Widescreen
    20. Blue Cat Blues (1956) - Widescreen, w/Butch and Toots

    It looks like they're avoiding Mammy Two Shoes in this release. You might as well call this set: Tom and Jerry - The Safe Collection. Nevertheless it's still an immpresive list which includes all of the Oscar winning shorts and some of my personal favourites (The Truce Hurts, Cueball Cat, and The Bodyguard). Can't wait till October!

    And before anyone says this is the wrong forum to post this, waaaay back in February I was told by the administator at the Feedback Forum to post comments regarding animated shorts in the TV forum:
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    Paul, they should call it the Politically Correct Collection. [​IMG]

    This is NOT to belittle the feelings of African Americans who suffered too many indignities from stereotyping and racial denigration amongst other outrages.

    To show a LOT of ignorance on my part when I was little, I thought the T&J cartoons were actually ADVANCED for their time, because I never saw the "mammy" character as a servant. I thought she owned the house HERSELF and had a neatness fetish like my mom's sister, who can still make Felix Unger (of the Odd Couple) look like a slacker.

    But I wonder if censoring old 'toons, movies, and TV shows is really the answer. Perhaps these things, as offensive as some of them can be, should be put out for the public to make up their own minds. Something like that might actually provoke an intelligent dialog on race, racial relations and the evils of stereotyping. Of course, we need to be protected from thinking for ourselves, or so it seems by the way politicians and Hollywood treats most of said public.

    On the Disney Treasures, of which I only have the Mickey Mouse black and white 'toons, Leonard Maltin was the host, and he was talking about the racial stereotypes that are present in some of these shorts. He asked if they should be locked away forever, or shown, "warts" and all, with the reminder that, once upon a time, such things were common. How else to better learn from that past, than to see all of it, good and bad?
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    Christian Preischl
    Wasn't "The Little Orphan" one of the shorts that were only available in censored form on the Greatest Chases DVD?

  4. Carlos Garcia

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    This is evident by the fact that rap music is no longer available to the public. LOL!

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