to put it this way, Mitsu WS-65411 vs. FPTV?...

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    I am mainly watching DVDs. I think that I really prefer XGA or WXGA. If I am buying a RPTV, I am buying the Mitsubishi 65" Gold Plus 2003 model.

    I still cannot decide on a good Front Projector and the correct screen to go with it.

    A very popular choice seems to be the PT-AE100, but I am scared to buy it (WSVGA, old, discontinued)

    Could even the PT-AE100 be better than a 2003 Mitsubishi Gold Plus RPTV??
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    It's a compromise. The picture quality of the Mits will be superior in every way to the Panasonic. There won't be light control problems, and it will be a little easier to deal with for regular TV viewing.

    But the Panasonic can give you a screen twice the size, and a real movie theater feel that the Mits can't do.

    You could also get a nicer projector than the AE100 for the price (or maybe a little more) than the Mits would cost you, which would make the gap in picture quality smaller. Michael TLV owns a AE100 and seems to be quite pleased with it though.

    Me? My next set will almost surely be an fixed-pixel digital front projector. Two years ago though, RPTV v. FPTV was a whole different ball game (heck, progressive scan players were new and expensive toys still!)

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