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    Leatherface:TCM 3
    Can't Hardly Wait
    TCM 3:....a semi-great sequel in current form. Notoriously tampered with by the studio trying to make the movie more mainstream & the MPAA who both scissored the film immensely resulting in a mish-mash. Dark,atmospheric,frightening horror film that gets more incoherent/worse as it moves along,since it's obvious the movie was chopped to pieces & is missing ALOT of footage. The resulting film was so hacked up,that the director even considered taking his name of the film as it didn't represent his version at all.
    Please restore the film to it's orginal uncut glory as the director originaly planned..theres a workprint of the movie out there & while lacking music & sound FX,it is a better version of the film than the standard released just needs the music & FX added,then would be truly great.
    Theres plenty of stuff missing from even the so-called "uncut" version released on video & LD- such as the much better original fight scene at the end with a burnt Tex & Ken Foree's death,and the different darker ending.....rather than the tacked on "happy" ending on the current version with Ken Foree's miraculous survival,though it's obvious he'd be dead from where the saw hit him in the fight scene,though heavily censored.
    + A lesson for the studio's TCM was never meant to be mainstream,so tampering with it,only makes things worse as is obvious with this film & you should correct your wrongs by releasing the true version of the film.
    Can't Hardly Wait:...highly underrated teen movie before every studio started churning out tons of inferior teen films in order to sell a product. It's energetic,funny,entertaining & much better than the curent crop of teen films & probably the best one of the 90's,since no one can top the 80's,though many have tryed & failed.
    Of course it was originally rated R,but studios nowadays don't want that it seems,so the film was cut to get a PG-13. Lots of great,amusing + more fleshed out scenes where cut resulting in a great movie,being toned down to merely good. Though from what i hear is cut,doesn't sound to bad that it deserves an R rating,the MPAA is just to conservative on these types of films/topics. Though i would love for the original uncut version to be released finnaly & i know others would as could you please make that happen & restore the film?
    What does everyone think? Lets see if we can make this happpen...a 100+ replies would be welcome!!
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    I'd love to see TCM 3 get can tell just by watching it that it's not the film that it should have been...but at least it's not as bad as the last one that they did...

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