To dipole or tripole that is the question

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    Oct 5, 2002
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    New guy on the block ( in the basement) Setting up a new home theater. “The Joint” as it has been called is dedicated to movies. It is 11.5 x 23’ with no windows to worry about. Equipment so far is as fallows:
    Pioneer vsx-45tx
    Pioneer DV-45a
    M&K S-150 (150’s L/C/R, SS-150’s side and rear, and MX-350 sub)
    12g trib wire
    Infocus LS 110 screen play
    Firehawk 100”
    Dish network PVR 501
    Panamax 5300 surge protector
    First question (and I say first cuz I know there well be many more as I get this thing put together) is speaker hook up.
    I am going to run the ss-150s on the side and rear. I know these speakers can be run Di, Bi and Tri-pole real easy. Do any of you have a similar set up that could tell me if I want to run the sides in Di, or Tri and then how would you set the backs? Also I read somewhere that I want to make my rear right left and left rear right?
    I have read the HomeTeathreforum for dummies and it was very helpful. And as this project continues to take on a life of it’s own, it will be neat to talk to you all on a on-going basis. One thing I did find out real early on is that these “grand” lil theaters we all are building really are about 20grand.[​IMG] Guess I forgot to adjust for inflation.
    Tom aka Wicked
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    Jun 24, 2002
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    Well I would recomend on the rear ones if you already have the speakers to adjust them so most of the sound comes from the front baffle, for the sides get most of the sound from the side baffles on the speaker. If you haven't bought them yet I would recomend the ss-150 for the sides and s-150 non-angled centers for the rear. I do not have these speakers yet, right now I have the s-125 L/C/R and no surrounds but plan on getting S-150 L/C/R and rear surround and the SS-150 for side surround. Either way should sound good but I believe the THX2 spec calls for dipole sides and direct radiating rears.

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