To anybody in the reserves,

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    We're all probably know somebody somewhere, be that from some internet forum or something more personal, that are being called up from work and normal life for operations around the world. I know a couple of people through my forums that have been called to leave, many times with not many days notice. I just thought I will wish any HTF member and not a safe journey and that I will, as I'm sure every other HTF member, be praying and looking forward to a safe return and a successful mission, whatever that may be.
    May your DVD's stay clean and your SVSs be flat to 16hz. [​IMG]
    Jay H
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    Although I am not actually in the Reserves, I work at a Naval Reserve administrative support center, and work as a liaison between the Reserve center and two drilling Reserve units. I know many Reservists who have already been called up (mainly law enforcement) and are now on the job. Most of them gave up well paying, steady jobs to serve their country. A couple took major pay cuts. Some were able to stay in this area, but the first wave were relocated to Florida and Maine.
    Anyway, the call up is not over and will in fact accelerate over the next weeks and months. A big salute to them, because many are giving up more that even the active duty component of the services.

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