To amp or not to amp that is the question?


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Feb 23, 2002
I was powering B&W CDM7SE and CDMCse speakers with a Denon 2801(current receiver, will be reassigned to backyard speakers and subwoofer duty once the 950 comes). It sounded ok, better then anything I've owned previously, but I was curious what an amp would do to improve things. A local retailer loaned me a sherbourn 5/1500a. Needless to say, I still have the Sherbourn. Music was a definite improvement, home theater improved also, but wasn't as noticeable.


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Dec 17, 2001
I think the it really depends on your listening habits. If you listen at high volume good amps are very important. At more moderate levels money may be better spent on good speakers.

I like the volume.


May 15, 2002
Wow, Thanks for the comments. I think I will be in the market for a amp. I would love to try one out except, all thats in the vegas area are the basic stores(good guys,circut city ,ultamite, UGH) and the store I bought my B&W's from(Premiere Home Stereo). They have been great and are willing to let me borrow any amp they have but the price is out of my range except for the Rotel(1075)only 120 watts. I did see an ATI on one call for $1000 and the new outlaw for $1300.Parasound is too big of an amp to fit into my cabinent and it also runs hot. I am a little hesitant to buy used because what is the recourse if the unit has a problem? I guess the next step after the amp would be trying to figure out what cables and speaker cables to get to match my system:yammie 2095,pf1000 turntable,mits hsu776 s-vhs,ws65908 tv,srsd1 sat box,aiwa adf800 cassette,jvc xvfa90 dvd,panamax 5300 line conditioner,b&w cdm9nt,snt,cnt,and monster cables

Dave Moritz

Jul 7, 2001
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Dave Moritz
Hey Bordeaux

It greatly depends on the amp you purchase to what advantage it will supply you with ultimatly. For the most part adding a seperate amp IMHO will get you much better headroom, more top end power. This will benafit you with more solid bass, and most likely you will have cleaner mids and highs. I would stick with Goodguys or Ultimate Electronics for your purchase. Unless you know of a really nice audio shop near by, not a chain store. buying used is risky in the aspect of something going wrong. Buying new is the best bet due to the fact it is new and there is a warrenty.

As Far as cables go I like to use ether Audio Quest or Tributary cables. IMHO they are much nicer than the Monster Cable brand. I would decide on how nice the equipment is and spend money on the cable appropriatly. I got good deals on my Audio quest cables for well under $100. Really good to hear that you have a place that is willing to work with you and let you audition equipment. Let us know how it goes?

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