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    Aug 24, 2001
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    So I'm thinkin' of gettin' me one o' them there TiVO machines.
    Does it work as well as it's advertised? There a only a couple of shows I'd wanna record (Simpsons, Family Guy, Frasier, Star Trek). Sometimes I'm home, sometimes I ain't. I don't even own a VCR and don't want to get one (how can I watch VHS after the glory that is DVD?)
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    Mar 6, 1999
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    We've had ours for about a year. I don't think I could ever go back to normal television. The freedom one gains from only watching programs on my own schedule instead of air time is great. We watch Leno in early evening. We dont' watch commercials. We don't even have to know when a program is actually on. Just tell TiVo the programs and it finds the scheduling info. It even updates the recording time if the show shifts. Tape is never an issue as ours has a larger drive installed so it has 36 hours in best mode or about 100 hours capacity in basic.
    It's a very tough machine to explain because it is so fundamentally different and much more powerful than a VCR. TiVo is definitely a great entertainment investment. The only caveat is to remember that just because TiVo recorded it, you aren't obligate to watch a program. The first two weeks of ownership, I never watched so much TV in my life. After the initial shock of having a totally tailored TV program source wore off, I learned to delete things without being too tempted to sample everything. On the other hand zapping through commercials at 60 times speed means you can finish a one hour show in about 45 minutes.
    Get it and be happy. And yes, you do need the subscription. A PVR without a subscription is a car without an engine.
    Guy Kuo
    Ovation Software, the Home of AVIA DVD

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