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    Nov 4, 2003
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    This weekend just hooked up Samsung HLN567WDLP with Zenith HD520 Sat rcvr and Directv. Couldn't get Tivo to work and this morning they are telling me the HD520 isn't compatible.
    The HD520 automatically changes format either 1080i for an HD channel or 480I for the the rest. Evidently Tivo can't change the channels using the blaster, it doesn't work with the Zenith. Saw something somewhere, where someone said hook up a different connection etc. Is anyone else having this problem. Hopefully someone knows how to get around this problem. I am really bummed. Thanks. This is a great site and my first post.
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    For IR blaster codes try the Hughes & Sony codes as well as Zenith. I don't know if there is a code for the HD520. If you contact Tivo customer support maybe you can get your case escalated enough to where they will get the code added.

    If you can't find a working code, consider one or more of:
    1. get a DirecTivo for standard def recording. Return/sell your standalone Tivo. You'd get dual recording, ability to record 2 other shows while watching an HD show live, and best possible quality out of the standard sat channels. Downside is inability to record HD downconverted to SD, and you'd have to get locals via DirecTV.

    2. get a cheap RCA second DirecTV receiver to use as the Tivo slave. You'd be able to watch HD independently on the Zenith while the Tivo records something else. Wouldn't recommend this over option 1 unless you can't get locals via DirecTV.

    3. Swap out Zenith for the Samsung SIR-T160 which has a supported IR code. You'd be locked in to recording the show you were watching live. Also for the OTA stations you'd probably have to do some manual timer /tuning on the Samsung.

    4. Wait 6 months for the HD DirecTivo.

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