TiVo Cuts Staff 25%

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    See the article here .
    Now all the naysayers are gonna go off saying this signals big trouble for TiVo. Call it intuition, but I still think that a product as great & revolutionary as TiVo will take off eventually ... I just hope they can weather the storm without getting crushed by Microsoft.
    Their really big problem is the loss they take on every peice of hardware.
    What would you all do if you were the CEO of TiVo?
    1) New advertising
    2) Word-of-mouth referral program (for month credits)
    3) kill the "life-of-unit" subscription, stich with the $10 monthly.
  2. george kaplan

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    Mar 14, 2001
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    Yeah but will the lifetime subscription still stand or will a new owner find some legal (if unethical) way to make current users pay more. Since the laws seem to be geared towards big business as opposed to consumers, I suspect there's a way (I'm not a lawyer but could bankruptcy invalidate lifetime subscriptions, and then buy the assets and start it back up?)
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