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Discussion in 'Streaming and Digital Media' started by mattCR, Dec 20, 2012.

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    I have wondered about this. And recently, I came across a title that really hit me this way. Amazon Prime has The West Wing in HD, as it was shot on film, for all seasons. However, there is no Blu-Ray available for this title.

    So, I'm wondering: how many titles have HD Streaming, but no Blu or physical copy that you can possibly own.
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    No idea, but you can research it and let us know. :)
  3. Walter Kittel

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    I'm sure there is quite a bit of television that is available via streaming that has not been released in the U.S. on Bd, and in some cases no DVD release either. Some examples from Amazon include:
    The Mentalist (Season 1 in a French Region B Bd, but no U.S. Bd, DVD only for seasons 1 to 4.)
    Castle (all seasons stream in HD, no Bd offered, just DVD)
    The above two titles are two shows that I really wish were offered in Bd. One of my big pet peeves about contemporary television is that shows broadcast in HD are often not available for sale on Bd.
    Others that I am readily aware of include:
    Enterprise (Coming to Bd in 2013?)
    Columbo (Season 1 in HD on Amazon. Japan has an expensive complete boxset on Bd that I'd love to own, but way too pricey.)
    Life (Season 2 streaming in HD; only available on DVD.)
    Terra Nova (DVD only)
    Better off Ted Season 2 (no DVD or Bd.)
    NCIS: Los Angeles (Season 1 on Bd, subsequent seasons DVD only but available on streaming HD.)
    Human Target Season 2 (Streaming in HD yes, no DVD or Bd release.)
    Raising Hope (Streaming in HD, available on DVD but no Bd release.)
    Happy Endings (Streaming in HD, available on DVD but no Bd release.)
    Legend of the Seeker (Seasons 1 and 2, DVD and Streaming, no Bd.)
    Basically, if you search for contemporary television on Amazon's instant video listings you will find a lot of shows that stream in HD that are not for sale on Bd. I would probably purchase just about everything listed in this post if it were available on Bd.
    - Walter.

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