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Titanic Vs. AV-12 (1 Viewer)

Joe Ku

Stunt Coordinator
Apr 1, 2003
I am trying to decide between the 12" Titanic MK-II and the AV-12 sold through stryke.com the AV-12 has higher excursion and a lower FS and will achieve the same F3 in a smaller box, but has lower sensitivity and a sharper rolloff. I am concerned about bottoming out the titanic as the AV-12 will cretainly not have this concern. I just want this to be idiot proof for when I am not the one operating it.

I have already purchaced a 350 watt RMS plate amp (Rythmic audio Amp350, same as Apex Sr.) to power the sub. The titanic in the SBB4 alignment (3.9 cuft 21hz)looks like it could bottom out aroung 30hz durring high impact scenes. I am not sure how much peak power will be delivered by the amp. I may be just overly cautionus too. Does anyone who ownes this sub have any insight?

The AV-12 can produce an F3 of 21hz in an 3 cuft box but he responce curve has a sharper rolloff than the Titanic which I fear will not sound as good for music. But that is only a guess on my part.

Please help me decide. It will be 70% movies 30%music if that matters.

Bryan Michael

Supporting Actor
Mar 2, 2002
if you buld the box a little bigger and tune a little lower. that is what i did with a set of av15 i had a very large un used space and bult a monster box of 740l

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