"Titanic" (1996 TV) Hallmark and Platinum Disc merger - now Echo Bridge, opinion?

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Eric Huffstutler, Mar 9, 2005.

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    Eric Huffstutler
    I was looking about on eBay and saw a new and unadvertised release of the Emmy Award winning mini-series "Titanic" that Hallmark Entertainment produced in 1996. I had wondered if this was a bootleg but turns out that this DVD is distributed by Platinum Disc Corp. They had acquired the Hallmark catalog last year and this past month, Echo Bridge Entertainment merged with Platinum.

    I think that Pioneer had made the Hallmark disc prior to them being bought out and wondered with the track record of Platinum, how the quality of this Titanic title is?

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    I picked up the Platinum Titanic DVD at my local best buy for $9.99 which is more than a bargain since it is paired with another film The Vegas Casino War with Rock Hudson and Sharon Stone. It's a two disc set.

    The Titanic transfer is very nice as is the Casino War transfer.

    Curious though is the billing given the participants on the jacket cover as opposed to the film itself. James Earl Jones is given top billing on the jacket for Casino War then Stone then Hudson in third billing when Hudson is the leading man and gets top billing in the film itself.

    More understandable is the top billing given Catherine Zeta Jones in Titanic on the jacket cover over Oscar winners like George C. Scott and Eva Marie Saint as she is the biggest name in the cast although she was a relative unknown at the time of filming and gets third billing in the actual film.

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