Titan vs. M2ti

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    I see many more comments about the Titans and very little on the Axiom M2ti. I'm torn between these two great little boxes. I'm running a Tempest sealed sub and will be running the mains, center and rears from a 100W per channel receiver. I can crossover at 80 or 100 Hz. The smaller size of a bookshelf will fit perfect in my room and the price is right. Any thoughts?
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    If you are looking at the Titan size wise, you would want to compare it to the M3Ti. The M3 is easily the better speaker, though the Titan has better bass response at the expense of some midrange clarity (this won't matter with them set to small). Check Axiom's factory outlet, as you can sometimes find B-stock M3s for only $250 (they list both black and cherry right now). I would expect the M2 to outperform the Titan as well, though with even less bass.

    With a x-over of 80Hz, you could end up with a dip in midrange with the M2s because they are -3dB @70Hz, while the M3 will give you 60Hz and less of a dip. 100Hz should work very well with the M3, and might still give a dip with the M2 (though likely not very noticable).

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