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Timewarner Cable and Scientific Atlantica HD Boxes (1 Viewer)

Jacob Aaron

Stunt Coordinator
Jun 4, 2004
I just thought I'd like to point out that their 8000HD units totally suck. They are HORRIBLE. I've gone thru 5 in less than 6 weeks. They either don't work when you get home, or they die after 2 weeks.

Sure when it works its HD, and yes I can record it! However, it dies, and from the number I've been thru, I would hope Timewarner cans Scientific Atlantica.

Someone has to make a better product.

Free HD is nice, but HD that works is better.

Brent Smith

Aug 4, 2003

Sounds like your TWC vendor either just got a bad batch of units or there are other problems causing the failure.

I've had my 8000HD for just over 6 months now with not a problem (yet! "knocking on wood" of course). Does your TWC vendor have any idea what might be causing the failures (it could be a voltage surge in your outlet, I destroying a couple of non-HD but still digital cableboxes year because of a bad outlet)? Hope the situation improves.


C. Brent Smith


Mar 10, 2004
I have to agree, that this unit is awful. When it's working, it's a dream machine, though I wish you could buy hard drives to record more hours, it only records about 5-6 high def programs and is full. The problems I have are the recordings show break-up, the machine freezes while using the menu sometimes, and on several occasions, it just stops and the whole unit has to be unplugged and restarted, which takes a long time to reboot.

I also want to ask, does anyone have a firewire output on theirs? The diagram on Scientific Atlanta's website shows one, yet my box does not have it on there. Time Warner says it doesn't, and wants me to rent another box that does, the 3250 or something, in addition to this one. That's another 7.95 a month, and I don't feel right additionally renting something that should already be on my current model, but it's the only way to tape to digital VHS, and I am missing so many HDNET movies:frowning:..I wish the makers of these high def vcr's (DVHS) would add a component input or DVI . I read that last month the FCC passed a law that states all of these boxes must have a firewire output, anyone else know of this law and if Time Warner is attempting to follow it?

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