Time Warner HD in Mpls./St. Paul - questions.

Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by Scott Wong, Dec 6, 2003.

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    I did asearch but didn't come up with anything this specific.

    My apartment complex currently pays for Time Warner Cable's basic/extended service. This means I get everything except the movie channels and they pick up the bill.

    I have a Samsung HLN-567W being delivered today. I thought I'd call Time Warner regarding their HDTV programming and get things started. Because my apartment complex already pays for basic/extended service, I'll only be responsible for the difference between the two. After talking with a few different representatives at Time Warner, I'm still sure I have the right answers.

    I am going to be 'renting' their HDTV tuner/cable box for $6.95/mo. plus tax. As for programming, I'll be going with their Digital Variety pack for $7.95/mo. plus tax. I'll also get their on-screen guide for an additional $2.95/mo. plus tax. I'm passing on the movie channels despite the fact that they're in HD, I watch a lot of DVD's so I can't justify the extra $20-$30/mo.

    My questions: Does anyone know *exactly* how many channels I'm going to get in HD? I know they have a Discovery channel in HD 24 hrs. a day/7 days a week. It's my understanding that there are a few other local channels also broadcasting *some* programming in HD... am I going to be able to receive this programming in HD? For example, if the program clearly states that it's broadcasted in HD... am I getting it in HD? If so, is it 1080i?

    As for connections, according to their website, it looks like I just need an additional component video cable to go from their tuner to my HDTV?

    If anyone has Time Warner service, I'd appreciate your comments.

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    I have TW in Wisconsin. While I can't say how it will work for you, I get Discovery HD, and whatever the local channels provide to TW. Whether or not your local stations are HD friendly or not will probably be the deciding factor in how much you get over cable.
  3. Jeffrey Forner

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    I have all of the HD channels offered by Time-Warner in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Here is a listing of all of the HD channels currently available:
    • CBS
    • NBC
    • TPT
    • Discovery HD Theater
    • HBO East
    • HBO West
    • Showtime East
    • Showtime West
    • INHD
    • INHD 2

    You also get digital feeds of channel UPN and Fox, though those aren't HD channels.

    As for connections, you'll need an additional component video cable as you mentioned. I assume you have a digital receiver. In that case, you'll also need a coaxial digital audio cable as well as a pair of analog video cables. The digital channels will have a digital audio signal while the analog channels - i.e. any channel below 100 - will only be able to get sound from the analog connections.

    I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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