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Time to upgrade projector - upgrade or downgrade? (Epson PowerLite 7600p)

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Daniel Whelan, Sep 8, 2003.

  1. Daniel Whelan

    Mar 18, 1999
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    I'm currently using an Epson PowerLite 7600p projector. (borrowed from a very awesome place to work; alas, needs to be returned soon, so I must buy my own) 2200 lumens, 400:1 on/off contrast, 1024x768 LCD panels. I'm happy with the picture, but the contrast ratio is defintely lacking a bit. I don't have an absolute price point, but obviously the less the better (and not more than $5k regardless).

    A couple models I've considered:
    Infocus X1 (1100 lumens, 2000:1, 800x600 2x DLP)
    NEC HT1000 (1000 lumens, 3000:1, 1024x768 4x DLP)
    NEC LT240K (2000 lumens, 2000:1, 1024x768 2x DLP)

    Panasonic PT-L300U (800 lumens, 800:1, 960x540 LCD)
    Sanyo PLV-Z1 (700 lumens, 800:1, 860x540 LCD)
    Sanyo PLV-70 (2200 lumens, 900:1, 1366x768 LCD)

    These have all been recommended to some extent, and I've thought about all of them. The DLPs are just SO tempting with their contrast, particularly compared to what I'm using now. My previous (and first projector) put out somewhere on the order of 500 lumens with a 200:1 ratio. Anyway, I'd prefer to go with a DLP, but I'll need to demo a 2x unit first to see if I'm color-wheel compatible.

    My other concern is whether I've spoiled myself with the 2200 lumen projector. Will I be happy with anything short of the LT240K or PLV-70? How about the resolution drop from 1024x768 to 800x600 should I decide to choose the X1? Basically, I want to make sure I upgrade my experience, or at the very least keep it on par with what I'm used to.

    Sorry for the long post; if anyone has any comments or advice I'd appreciate it! Thanks!

  2. Neil Joseph

    Neil Joseph Lead Actor

    Jan 16, 1998
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    Neil Joseph
    Regarding being happy with the light output, this will depend on your room. If you can make it pitch black or close to it, then it will not be a factor. I would add the Sony HS10 to the list and do demos of these projectors that you have listed. My personal favourites from that list include the Panasonic L300U, NEC HT1000, and the Sanyo PLV70.

    One thing I have mentioned various times in the past is that specs are not everything. There are some projectors that may have lower lumen and/or contrast ratio specs than others but they are pretty spot on right out of the box and require much less calibration to achieve the proper results. Then there are other projectors that have higher lumen and/or c.r. specs but by the time they are calibrated, those actual real-life specs are much lower. Also, most times, the contrast ratio cannot be achieved at the rated max lumen output of the projector.

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