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Discussion in 'Displays' started by PaulB, Jan 11, 2004.

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    Jan 8, 2004
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    I need some opinions. I am ready to make the leap to a 16:9 display. I know the important thing is to see everything myself and pick what I like, but of course most of the sets are not properly calibrated or side by side.Get this: my wife prefers the 65" screens to smaller options, though I'm worried it may be a little overwhelming at a viewing distance of only 9-10 ft.
    My initial list:
    Upper end RPTV:
    Pioneer Elite PRO-730HDI $4500(just missed a
    Pioneer rebate of $1000 that ended 12/31/03)
    Mitsubishi WS-65813 $4500(Diamond series)

    LCD: Sony 60" KDF60XBR950 $5000

    Bang for the buck but still very nice:
    Toshiba 65HX83 $2500
    Toshiba 57HX83 $2000
    Hitachi or lower end Mitsubishis may be good options

    The real attraction of the Sony is the size( only 138#), light output( too much room light during the day), and no burn in( 2 kids and a low tech wife). It's also a beautiful set - both the picture and the device itself. It's also the most expensive. The Toshiba 65HX93 was just rated exceptional in the Feb.2004 issue of Home Theater, but just barely ahead of another Sony LCD display in a faceoff. Less impressive were their reviews of Mits WS-65613 and the Pioneer Elite PRO-530HD. The only major difference in the Tosh 83 and 93 series appears to be the integrated HD tuner. I will be using a Comcast cable HD box.
    I would appreciate anyone's thoughts on these sets specifically or RPTV vs. LCD vs. other generally. Thanks.
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    Nov 4, 2003
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    If your a bargain bang for buck guy, the RPTV's have it hands down.

    If your a total biggest bang guy of course the highest ends of any display technology are going to be more right for you.

    I can only offer that I recently bought a 60" CRT RPTV HDTV Monitor for $1248, and have been enjoying HDTV (Free OTA) and my DVD's / LD's / Regular cable significantly more since the upgrade.

    I took more than 2 months to decide on a particular model.

    The HD NFL Playoffs alone have been more than worth the price of admission for me.
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    I am a happy Pioneer RPTV owner...but Pioneer is having some problems with their latest sets. I'm not sure which models are having the problems. Check out the Pioneer forum at www.hometheaterspot.com to see what I mean.

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