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    First..looks good so far...but

    the time is 5 hours ahead ...4:30 here 9:30 on the forum.

    Once I post I usually go back a few screens to the topics page for that section(HT hardware ETC) the old forum would put me back to the same basic location now I go to the bottom of the page...any way to change this?

    Can we change the multiple page abbreviation thing? I find it rather annoying on a 25 page thread to see GOTO 1,2,3, LAST PAGE. L ets hav all of the page #s.

    How about a description under the buttons for the new features?? It would make it easier than finding out by clicking on everything.

    That's it for now


    Brent L
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    As I have posted in other threads you need to go to the User Control Panel and set your Options and Profile. This will correct the time for you.

    The code is written as it is for returning to your previous position. Nothing I can do about that really.

    I have increased the number but I don't want tons of numbers running across the screen. It really isn't that difficult to use as it is laid out right now as it is set at 10. If you are interested in just seeing the newest posts in a thread click on the "last".

    Also, read the Rules/Faq page it will go over a lot of the new features on the board for you.

    If you put your mouse pointer on one of the graphics it will tell you what it is. This is no different than the way it was on UBB.


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