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Time/Life Press Release: The Carol Burnett Show: The Ultimate Collection

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Ronald Epstein, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Ben Phillips

    Ben Phillips Stunt Coordinator

    Dec 7, 2002
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    This link provides a bit more detail about the set's contents. It's good to see that Madeline Kahn's episode will be included. I suspected it would be, but it's nice to have confirmation.
  2. NY2LA

    NY2LA Screenwriter

    Nov 3, 2011
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    Yes we've had that info posted on another thread here, it is unfortunate they are calling the four divisions within the set "Seasons." A very Bad inaccurate and misleading Idea.
    That said, I ordered it already.
  3. Tory

    Tory -The Snappy Sneezer- -Red Huck-

    Jun 3, 2004
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    Seattle, WA
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    Why are they calling them seasons? I don't understand that at all.
  4. NY2LA

    NY2LA Screenwriter

    Nov 3, 2011
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    It's obviously a stupid idea from someone in marketing who has no real knowledge of the product.
  5. NY2LA

    NY2LA Screenwriter

    Nov 3, 2011
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    I hate to say it but have to wonder if this choice indicates the level of knowledge of whomever is handling this project. It had to be approved by somebody, right? Shouldn't that somebody know enough about this show and it's situation to at least realize that the word "seasons" is wildly inaccurate?
  6. mrz7

    mrz7 Stunt Coordinator

    Mar 7, 2012
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    Scott Zuncic
    tvshowsondvd.com just posted more detail news on the Ultimate Carol Burnett Show Box set:
    Looks like will be getting more rare interview segments from Tim Conway and Harvey Korman. Also very happy they are including some of my favorite skits "Snow White: 15 Years Later" and "The Dentist", which both were never on The Columbia House or the Guther-Renky releases.!!! Plus another skit with my other favorite red-head.....Lucille Ball. Glad I preordered this set.....looking forward to seeing these rare gems. :cool:
  7. JohnMor

    JohnMor Producer

    Mar 6, 2004
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    Los Angeles, CA
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    John Moreland
    Cannot wait for this!!
  8. NY2LA

    NY2LA Screenwriter

    Nov 3, 2011
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    Can anyone figure out if there is one book now or three? The references in the press release don't really make that clear - some titles are used to refer to a book and a video, so it's kinda confusing, no?
  9. JohnMor

    JohnMor Producer

    Mar 6, 2004
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    Los Angeles, CA
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    John Moreland
    Just one book: a 20-page memory book.
  10. NY2LA

    NY2LA Screenwriter

    Nov 3, 2011
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    Look at the title of the "memory book" in the press release, and look at the title of the book in the picture. Then look at the other extras called "bump up the lights" and one of those segments has the same title as the book in the press release.
  11. timelife jb

    timelife jb Insider

    Jul 18, 2012
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    Hi guys -- I run ecommerce at Time Life and I hope i can help answer some questions occasionally and this is not too much of an intrusion. We love the threads on htf since you guys are so knowledgeable. I will do my best to be responsive but the full time job will pull me away some times. Will do my best.
    "Seasons" -- 100% a function of our new website design; not our ignorance. The designers hard-coded that into the templates and we've got a few enhancements ahead of that fix to be released such as fixing order tracking. We'll get the option to call it Seasons or Volumes or Discs as appropriate. It has rankled us here for sure.
    Episodes -- product teams think teasing the episodes are good for the general public. they're not really trying to hide anything. you guys are a different audience, so we'll see what we can do to get them posted early. Product ships in a few weeks, so it can't stay a mystery forever. I *CAN* tell you there's a lot of good Value Added Material on it.
    So, helpful? Intrusion? LMK.
  12. TonyD

    TonyD Who do we think I am?

    Dec 1, 1999
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    Gulf Coast
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    Tony D.
    Hi John welcom aboard. Certainly not an intrusion.
    Maybe the site runners can verify you and make you an official industry insider.
  13. Adam Gregorich


    Nov 20, 1999
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    The Other Washington
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    No intrusion at all John. Glad to have you here!
  14. JohnMor

    JohnMor Producer

    Mar 6, 2004
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    Los Angeles, CA
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    John Moreland
    ? Looking at the official press release and the official TL website, I see mention of one 20-page book and photos showing one book. I'm not what you're seeing, or what I'm missing.
  15. NY2LA

    NY2LA Screenwriter

    Nov 3, 2011
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    This is a full series episode guide I found online, with credit to the list's source intact.
    This is NOT the content of the new box set.
    by: Ed Slonina
    SEASON 1 - 1967-68
    CAST: Carol Burnett
    Harvey Korman
    Vicki Lawrence
    Lyle Waggoner
    Ernest Flatt Dancers
    Harry Zimmerman Orchestra
    10-11pm EST, Mondays, CBS
    09/11/67 - Jim Nabors
    highlights: "V.I.P." interview with Shirley Dimple,
    J. Nabors sings "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me"
    in Italian, "The Ski Lodge" - Jim and Carol as two
    misfit skiiers, "Carol and Sis," Broadway medley,
    Carol sings "Georgy Girl," Charwoman sketch
    09/18/67 - Sid Caesar, Liza Minelli
    highlights: Carol and Liza sing "Just In Time,"
    "Star Trek," "Ziegfeld Follies" takeoffs
    09/25/67 - Jonathan Winters, Eddie Albert
    10/02/67 - Lucille Ball, Tim Conway, Gloria Loring
    highlights: Tim is a news reporter, Lyle practices kissing
    Lucy, Carol and Lucy sing "See What The Boys In
    The Back Room Will Have"
    10/09/67 - Imogene Coca, Lainie Kazan
    10/16/67 - Phyllis Diller, Gwen Verdon, Bobbie Gentry
    highlights: "Dr. Jeckyll and Mrs. Hyde"
    10/23/67 - Smothers Brothers, Diahann Carroll, Richard Kiley
    11/06/67 - Nanette Fabray, Sonny and Cher
    highlights: "V.I.P." interview with a nudist (Carol),
    Cher sings "You'd Better Sit Down Kids,"
    Sonny and Cher sing "Living For You"
    11/13/67 - Richard Chamberlain, Gloria Loring
    11/20/67 - Juliet Prowse, Martha Raye
    highlights: "Sleeping Beauty" number, legs and mouth sketch,
    Charwoman sings "Young and Foolish"
    11/27/67 - Don Adams, Lesley-Anne Warren
    12/04/67 - Jonathan Winters, Barbara Eden, Leonard Nimoy
    highlights: "VIP" - in Santa's workshop
    12/11/67 - Mickey Rooney, John Davidson
    highlights: "The Funn Family"
    12/25/67 - Sid Caesar, Ella Fitzgerald
    highlights: "Christmas Medley" - sung by Ella and Carol,
    Charwoman sings "Have Yourself A Merry Little
    01/01/68 - Lynn Redgrave, Mike Douglas
    highlights: "Puppy Love" - sung by Vicki and Carol
    01/08/68 - Lana Turner, Frank Gorshin
    01/15/68 - Trini Lopez, Ken Berry
    highlights: "V.I.P." interview with the wife of the Jolly Green
    Giant, T. Lopez sings "Sally Was A Good Old Girl,"
    "Sonny," "Land of 1000 Dances" (w/ E. Flatt Dancers),
    "The Swinging 6 O'Clock News" (news done in the
    style of The Jackie Gleason Show), K. Berry sings
    "Mack the Knife," "Showdown on the Showboat"
    ("Showboat" takeoff)
    01/22/68 - George Chakiris, Shirley Jones
    01/29/68 - Jonathan Winters, Dionne Warwick
    02/05/68 - Jack Palance, Liza Minelli
    02/12/68 - Betty Grable, Martha Raye
    highlights: sex change operation sketch, Betty sings "Hello
    02/19/68 - Nanette Fabray, Art Carney
    highlights: "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" takeoff
    02/26/68 - Garry Moore, Durward Kirby, John Gary
    03/04/68 - Imogene Coca, Mel Torme
    03/18/68 - Tim Conway, Jack Jones
    03/25/68 - Soupy Sales, Gloria Loring
    04/15/68 - Peter Lawford, Minnie Pearl
    highlights: Carol and Sis sketch, Carol and Minnie as two
    country women in Paris, Minnie does a comedy
    routine, "Bonnie and Clyde" takeoff, MGM Medley
    ("A Couple of Swells," "Ragtime Violin")
    04/29/68 - Tim Conway, Shani Wallis
    05/06/68 - Sid Caesar, Barbara McNair
    05/13/68 - "family show" with regular cast members only
    SEASON 2 - 1968-69
    CAST: Carol Burnett
    Harvey Korman
    Vicki Lawrence
    Lyle Waggoner
    Ernest Flatt Dancers
    Harry Zimmerman Orchestra
    10-11pm EST, Mondays, CBS
    09/23/68 - Jim Nabors
    09/30/68 - Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Carol Channing
    10/07/68 - Nanette Fabray, Trini Lopez
    10/14/68 - George Gobel, Bobbie Gentry
    10/21/68 - Edie Adams, Tim Conway
    11/04/68 - Lucille Ball, Eddie Albert, Nancy Wilson
    11/11/68 - Nanette Fabray, Mel Torme, Don Rickles
    highlights: Salute to Tin Pan Alley
    11/18/68 - Sid Caesar, Ella Fitzgerald
    11/25/68 - Garry Moore, Durward Kirby
    12/02/68 - Michele Lee, Flip Wilson, Vivian Blondell
    12/09/68 - Imogene Coca, Vic Damone
    12/16/68 - Eileen Farrell, Marilyn Horne
    highlights: Eileen, Marilyn, and Carol sing boogie woogie
    nursery rhymes ("The Three Little Pigs," et al)
    12/30/68 - Mickey Rooney, Nancy Wilson, Emmaline Henry, Roland Winters
    01/06/69 - Tim Conway
    01/20/69 - Perry Como, Tim Conway, Sidney Omarr
    highlights: Carol and Perry sing "My Funny Valentine" and
    "They Didn't Believe Me"
    01/27/69 - Martha Raye, Mel Torme
    02/03/69 - Vince Edwards, Chita Rivera
    highlights: "A Woman's Picture" takeoff on tearjerker
    02/17/69 - Ken Berry, Shirley Jones
    02/24/69 - Soupy Sales, Barbara McNair
    03/03/69 - Ethel Merman, Tim Conway
    highlights: Carol and Ethel sing "Everything's Coming Up Roses/
    I Get A Kick Out of You," Tim is a dentist and
    Harvey is his patient
    03/10/69 - Ross Martin, John Davidson
    03/17/69 - Martha Raye, Mike Douglas
    03/24/69 - Barrie Chase, Larry Hovis
    03/31/69 - Ronnie Schell, Vikki Carr
    04/07/69 - Imogene Coca, Robert Goulet
    04/28/69 - Yolanda Merido, Sergio Bustamante
    highlights: Mexican movie spoofs
    06/09/69 - Edie Adams, Tim Conway, Jimmie Rodgers
    (Jimmie Rodgers segment inserted into 10/21/68 rerun)
    SEASON 3 - 1969-70
    CAST: Carol Burnett
    Harvey Korman
    Vicki Lawrence
    Lyle Waggoner
    Ernest Flatt Dancers
    Harry Zimmerman Orchestra
    10-11pm EST, Mondays, CBS
    09/22/69 - Jim Nabors
    09/29/69 - Nancy Wilson, Bernadette Peters, Burgundy Street Singers
    10/06/69 - Steve Lawrence, Edward Villella
    10/13/69 - Scoey Mitchell, Bobby Gentry
    10/20/69 - Ken Berry, Tim Conway, Kay Medford
    11/03/69 - Gwen Verdon, Pat Boone
    11/10/69 - Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, Rowan and Martin
    highlights: Carol and Bing sing "Flattery," Carol and Ella sing
    "I'll Never Fall In Love Again," surprise cameo by
    Bob Hope
    11/17/69 - Andy Griffith, Merv Griffin
    11/24/69 - Lucille Ball, George Carlin
    12/08/69 - Martha Raye, Tim Conway
    highlights: Salute to Twentieth Century-Fox
    12/15/69 - Garry Moore, Durward Kirby
    12/29/69 - Donald O'Connor, Nancy Wilson
    highlights: Salute to MGM
    01/05/70 - Kaye Stevens, Audrey Meadows
    01/12/70 - Nanette Fabray, Nancy Wilson
    01/19/70 - Flip Wilson, Vikki Carr
    01/26/70 - Soupy Sales, Mel Torme, Ronald Reagan
    02/02/70 - Barbara Feldon, Joan Rivers
    02/09/70 - Steve Lawrence, Tim Conway, Kay Medford
    02/16/70 - "family show"
    02/23/70 - Pat Carroll, Jack Jones
    03/02/70 - Tim Conway, Jane Connell
    highlights: Salute to Universal (Doris Day, Abbott and Costello
    03/09/70 - Nanette Fabray, Trini Lopez
    03/16/70 - Ronnie Schell, Nancy Wilson
    03/23/70 - Martha Raye, Mel Torme
    03/30/70 - Tim Conway, Peggy Lee
    04/13/70 - Nanette Fabray, Michele Lee
    04/27/70 - "family show" (05/04/70?)
    SEASON 4 - 1970-71
    CAST: Carol Burnett
    Harvey Korman
    Vicki Lawrence
    Lyle Waggoner
    Ernest Flatt Dancers
    Harry Zimmerman Orchestra
    10-11pm EST, Mondays, CBS
    09/14/70 - Jim Nabors
    09/21/70 - Cass Elliott, Pat Paulsen
    09/28/70 - Nanette Fabray, Steve Lawrence
    10/05/70 - Eydie Gorme, Joan Rivers
    10/12/70 - Nanette Fabray, Ken Berry
    10/19/70 - Lucille Ball, Mel Torme
    10/26/70 - Donald O'Connor, Bernadette Peters
    highlights: "Hooray For Hollywood Canteen" sketch
    11/02/70 - Ricardo Montalban, Cass Elliott
    11/09/70 - Juliet Prowse
    11/16/70 - Martha Raye, Ross Martin
    11/23/70 - Dyan Cannon, Paul Lynde
    11/30/70 - Debbie Reynolds
    12/07/70 - Mel Torme, Don Rickles
    highlights: Salute to Tin Pan Alley
    12/14/70 - Steve Lawrence, Julie Budd, Durward Kirby
    12/28/70 - Pat Carroll, Robert Goulet, Rich Little
    01/04/71 - Art Carney, Pat Carroll
    01/11/71 - Jerry Lewis, Lesley Uggams
    01/18/71 - Michele Lee, Mel Torme
    01/25/71 - Martha Raye, Edward Villella, Violette Verdy
    02/01/71 - Rita Hayworth, Jim Bailey
    highlights: Carol and Rita sing "Mutual Admiration Society,"
    "Gilda" takeoff, Charwoman sketch, "Lovely Story"
    02/15/71 - Ken Berry, Totie Fields
    02/22/71 - Chita Rivera, Bob Newhart
    03/01/71 - Pat Carroll, Karen Wyman, Tim Conway
    03/08/71 - Mike Douglas, Bernadette Peters
    03/22/71 - David Frost, Eileen Farrell, Marilyn Horne
    03/29/71 - Paul Lynde, Nanette Fabray
    SEASON 5 - 1971-72
    CAST: Carol Burnett
    Harvey Korman
    Vicki Lawrence
    Lyle Waggoner
    Ernest Flatt Dancers
    Peter Matz Orchestra
    8-9pm EST, Wednesdays, CBS
    09/15/71 - Jim Nabors
    09/22/71 - Tim Conway, The Carpenters
    highlights: "Do You Know The Way To San Jose?" - Carol and
    The Carpenters sing, "Salute to Old Radio Shows"
    10/06/71 - Steve Lawrence, Carol Channing
    highlights: "African Queen," "Sorry, Wrong Number" takeoffs,
    Carol and Carol sing "Button Up Your Overcoat/
    Ain't Misbehavin'/You're The Cream in My Coffee,"
    "Salute to Silent Movie Comedians"
    10/13/71 - Ken Berry, Cass Elliott
    highlights: "TV Commercials" - Carol as Mother Nature, Cass
    as a child using toothpaste, "Sonja Honey" -
    movie takeoff with Carol as Sonja Henie, "There's
    A Lull In My Life" - Cass sings, "Razz-Ma-Tazz
    Me" - done by Ken and the dancers, "Love Medley"
    - sung by Carol and Cass
    10/20/71 - Peggy Lee, Dom DeLuise
    10/27/71 - Tim Conway, Diahann Carroll
    11/03/71 - Bing Crosby, Paul Lynde
    highlights: "The Drunkard" - melodrama spoof with Bing as
    the drunk and Carol as his sympathetic wife,
    "As The Stomach Turns" - Paul is the town
    masochist and Harvey appears as Mother Marcus,
    "Love Medley" - "Put A Little Love In Your Heart/
    Love Thy Neighbor" sung by Bing, "Get Happy",
    "Sing" - Bing and Carol sing
    11/10/71 - Cass Elliott, Bernadette Peters
    11/17/71 - Nanette Fabray, Mel Torme
    highlights: "43rd Street"
    11/24/71 - Eydie Gorme, Shecky Green
    12/01/71 - Tim Conway, Cass Elliott
    12/08/71 - Andy Griffith, Barbara McNair
    12/15/71 - Ken Berry, Dionne Warwick
    12/29/71 - Steve Lawrence, Dick Martin
    highlights: takeoffs on "Tea and Sympathy," "Sunset Blvd.,"
    "Some Like It Hot," Steve as a presidential
    advisor, "Losing My Mind" - sung by Steve and
    Carol, "They Can't Take That Away From Me/You'd
    Be So Nice To Come Home To/I've Got You Under My
    Skin/The Tender Trap" - Steve and Carol sing,
    "Salute to Disney" - with Carol as Peter Pan
    01/05/72 - Paul Lynde, Peggy Lee
    highlights: "The Seventh Veil" takeoff, a snobbish husband
    and wife argue, Peggy and Carol sing "Happy New
    Year/Something's Coming/Great Day," Peggy sings
    "Sing A Rainbow," Circus finale with "Here Come
    The Clowns/Clown Alley/Be A Clown"
    01/19/72 - Ken Berry, Nanette Fabray, The Carpenters
    highlights: "The Ballad of Broadway," Carol and The Carpenters
    sing "Hurting Each Other/Old Fashioned Love Song/
    We've Only Just Begun/Let Me Be The One/I Keep On
    Loving You," "The Empty Ballad" - Carol sings,
    "I'm Not Complete Without My Sweetie" - Carol and
    Ken sing, "Coffee In A Cardboard Cup" - Ken,
    Nanette, and dancers
    01/26/72 - Tim Conway, Ray Charles
    highlights: "Sinful Woman" - a country singer on death row,
    Tim and Harvey as clumsy billboard hangers, Carol
    as an awkward teenager, "Look What They Done To My
    Song, Ma" - Ray sings, Carol (as the Charwoman),
    Ray, and the dancers do "You Are My Sunshine/St.
    Louis Blues/Yesterday/God Bless The Child/What'd
    I Say?"
    02/09/72 - Eydie Gorme, Vincent Price
    highlights: "The House of Terror" - horror movie spoof,
    "Desidirata" - recitation by Vincent, "Gypsy
    Medley" - Eydie and Carol sing, "The Way of
    Love" - sung by Eydie, "What We Really Need Is
    A Boy," "Perfect Young Ladies" - sung by Carol,
    Vicki, and Eydie, "Salute to the Twenties"
    02/16/72 - Steve Lawrence, Kaye Ballard
    highlights: "Operation Minestrone" - WWII movie spoof,
    "If I Could Write A Song" - Carol sings,
    "Sunshine Medley" - ("Ain't No Sunshine/You
    Are My Sunshine") sung by Steve, "Cabaret,"
    "Don't Tell Mama" - sung by Kaye and dancers,
    "Salute to Cole Porter"
    02/23/72 - Burt Reynolds, Nanette Fabray
    highlights: "Scarlet Pimpernel" takeoff, "As Time Goes By"
    - Burt as a clumsy piano player, "George and
    Zelda" - going camping, East meeting West at
    the completion of the transcontinental railroad,
    "Salute to Music of the World," "Al" - Carol
    sings, "TV Commercials," "It's A Musical World" -
    Nanette and the dancers sing
    03/01/72 - Tim Conway, Eydie Gorme
    highlights: "Doctor Nose" - James Bond takeoff, two cops in
    drag (Tim and Harvey) trying to catch muggers,
    Carol as a child jealous of a new baby, "A House
    Is Not A Home" - Eydie sings, "Angel Child" -
    everyone sings
    03/08/72 - Jack Klugman, Tony Randall
    highlights: "Lady In The Dark" spoof, "This Is Your Life"
    spoof, "Salute To Broadway" - Carol sings
    "Adelaide's Lament," Jack and Carol sing "You'll
    Never Get Away From Me," Harvey, Tony, and Jack
    sing "Brush Up Your Shakespeare"
    03/22/72 - Paul Lynde, Karen Black
    highlights: Paul as a conniving home designer and decorator,
    the Charwoman at an exclusive health spa, Ken,
    Carol, and Vicki sing about a night on the town
    ("Gee, But I Hate to Go Home Alone," "Flowers In
    The Morning" - Ken sings, "I Don't Care" - Carol
    sings, "It's Too Late" - Vicki sings)
    03/29/72 - "family show"
    highlights: "The Doily Sisters" - takeoff on "The Dolly
    Sisters" - Carol sings "Happiness Belongs To
    My Friends," "I've Seen That Face," Harvey
    sings "Hey, Mr. Moon," Carol and Vicki sing
    "Budapest, When You Get Home," Carol, Vicki, and
    dancers do "Two Natural Beauties"
    SEASON 6 - 1972-73
    CAST: Carol Burnett
    Harvey Korman
    Vicki Lawrence
    Lyle Waggoner
    Ernest Flatt Dancers
    Peter Matz Orchestra
    8-9pm EST, Wednesdays, CBS (Sept.-Dec. 1972)
    10-11pm EST, Saturdays, CBS (Dec. 1972 -Mar. 1973)
    09/13/72 - Jim Nabors
    09/20/72 - Carol Channing, Marty Feldman
    09/27/72 - Andy Griffith, Helen Reddy
    highlights: "Rebecky" - takeoff on "Rebecca" with Carol as
    Joan Fontaine and Vicki as Mrs. Danvers
    10/04/72 - Steve Lawrence, Paul Sand
    highlights: a friendly news team sketch, "Putrified Forest",
    S. Lawrence sings "In The Wee Small Hours,"
    "How To Win A Friend" - Paul Sand uses a record to
    teach him to make friends,
    "Carol and Sis" - Carol thinks Chrissy is going
    away for a wild weekend
    10/11/72 - Eydie Gorme, Jack Gilford
    highlights: "The Hat" - a henpecked man buys a hat,
    "The Writer" - a writer changes his plots faster than
    his characters can act them out, "Carol and Sis" -
    Carol thinks Chris has been kidnapped and held for
    ransom, "Terminal Hospital" - soap opera takeoff
    10/18/72 - Joel Grey, Cass Elliott
    highlights: "Salute to Foreign Films" - "The Bicycle
    Thief," "And God Created Woman," "The Seven
    Samurai," "The Blue Angel" spoof, "Puppy Dogs In
    The Window" - Joel and Harvey are two puppies
    trying to get pet store customers' attention,
    "The Candidate" - a candidate has laryngitis, so
    his opinionated wife speaks for him, "Mary
    McClusky" - a woman mistakes someone for her old
    high school chum
    10/25/72 - Tim Conway, Pearl Bailey
    highlights: "Nora Desmond" - Nora is offered a bug spray TV
    commercial, "The Galley Slaves" - the oldest
    living galley slave (Tim) makes trouble for his
    partner (Harvey), "F. Lee Bunny" - a murderer
    (Carol) wants a rabbit lawyer (Tim) to defend
    11/01/72 - Peggy Lee, Stiller and Meara
    highlights: "Mr. and Mrs. Chou En Lai" - Stiller and Meara
    routine, "The Car Accident" - different ways men
    and women react to car accidents, "Street Wedding"
    - a wealthy couple meet their low class
    soon-to-be in-laws
    11/08/72 - Steve Lawrence, Lily Tomlin
    highlights: "Caged Dames" - women's prison
    movie spoof, "The Godfather" - spoof
    11/15/72 - Ruth Buzzi, John Davidson
    highlights: "Zelda and Gladys" - Zelda and Gladys go to
    see "The Carol Burnett Show," "Salute to MGM
    Studios" - spoofs on "National Velvet,"
    "Lust for Life," "Camille," et al
    11/22/72 - Ray Charles, Vincent Price
    highlights: "Carol and Sis" - Carol thinks Chris is
    pregnant, "The Nudge" ("George and Zelda")-
    George dreams he's a riverboat gambler,
    "Salute to Horror Movies" - a vampire (Lyle)
    introduces spoofs on "Bride of Frankenstein,"
    et al
    11/29/72 - Carl Reiner, Melba Moore
    highlights: "Terminal Hospital" - soap opera spoof, "The Writer" -
    a writer changes plots faster than his characters can
    act them out, "The Plot To Hurt Hitler" - spoof of
    non-violent television
    12/16/72 - Anthony Newley, Bernadette Peters
    highlights: "The Englishman" - how a man's accent
    affects women, "The Invisible Man's Mother" -
    Carol and Bernadette Peters compare notes on their
    sons, "Little Miss Showbiz" - spoof on "Little
    Miss Broadway," with Carol as Shirley Temple
    (moved to Saturday, 10-11pm EST)
    12/23/72 - Steve Lawrence, Tim Conway
    highlights: "Talk Show" - S. Lawrence as a talk show host with
    Vicki, Harvey, and Lyle as his guests, "Cobumble"
    - Columbo spoof, Tim as a reluctant skydiving
    01/06/73 - Jack Cassidy, Tim Conway
    highlights: "A Star Is Born" takeoff
    01/20/73 - Ruth Buzzi, Jack Gilford
    highlights: "Snow White Fifteen Years Later" - Carol as
    Snow White, Lyle as the mirror, Harvey as
    Prince Charming, Vicki as the witch, Ruth
    as the fairy godmother, Jack as one of the
    seven dwarfs
    01/27/73 - Tim Conway, Kaye Ballard
    highlights: "The Luncheon" - Carol, Vicki, and Kaye as three
    friends who argue over the check, "The Dater's
    Game" - "The Dating Game" spoof, "The Service
    Station Attendant" - a robber wants a quick
    fill-up, but can't seem to get away
    02/03/73 - "family show"
    02/10/73 - Petula Clark, John Byner
    highlights: "TV Commercials"
    02/17/73 - Tim Conway, Valerie Harper
    highlights: "The First Blind Date" - two couples go on a blind
    double date, "The Fireman" - the world's oldest
    living fireman (Tim) attempts to rescue someone
    02/24/73 - Eydie Gorme, Ken Berry
    highlights: "Carol and Sis" - Roger needs peace and quiet to
    do his taxes, "Salute to RKO" - "Pride of the
    Yankees", "Notorious", "The Hunchback of Notre
    03/10/73 - David Hartman, Paula Kelly
    highlights: "This Is Your Lifetime" - "This Is Your Life"
    spoof, "George and Zelda" - George is sick
    03/17/73 - Peggy Lee, William Conrad
    highlights: "Carol and Sis" - Roger gets mugged, "TV Show
    Blackouts" - spoofs of "The Gold Diggers,"
    "Maude," "Sonny and Cher," "Password," et al
    03/24/73 - "family show"
    highlights: "Rancid Harvest" - spoof of "Random Harvest"
    with Carol as Greer Garson
    SEASON 7 - 1973-74
    CAST: Carol Burnett
    Harvey Korman
    Vicki Lawrence
    Lyle Waggoner
    Ernest Flatt Dancers
    Peter Matz Orchestra
    10-11pm EST, Saturdays, CBS
    09/15/73 - Jim Nabors
    highlights: "Yung Fool" - "Kung Fu" takeoff, Jim sings
    "And I Love You So," Carol sings "Come Back To Me"
    09/22/73 - Tim Conway, Charo, Petula Clark
    highlights: "Unisex Salon" - a man is uncomfortable visiting a
    salon, "Interview with Chiquita" - a magazine
    interviewer (Tim) attempts to get a story on the
    homelife of a Spanish star (Charo), but has trouble
    with her mother (Carol)
    09/29/73 - Gloria Swanson
    highlights: Charlie Chaplin meets the Charwoman, "Carol and
    Sis" - the elevator operator in Carol's new
    apartment building has a crush on her, "The
    Guilty Man" - a man has a hard time hiding his
    infidelity around his unsuspecting wife
    10/06/73 - Helen Reddy, John Byner
    highlights: "TV Commercials," "Nora Desmond" - Nora thinks
    she is dying
    10/13/73 - Eydie Gorme, Paul Sand
    highlights: "Salute to Movie Series" - spoofs on "Wolfman,"
    "Tarzan," "Young Dr. Kildare," "Dead End Kids"
    10/20/73 - Ken Berry, Jack Weston, Tim Conway
    highlights: "Computer Dates" - Jack and Carol are matched
    up for a blind date, "It's Not Where You
    Start" - Ken and the dancers, "The Operation" - a
    married doctor and nurse fight during an
    operation, "New Elizabethan Rhythm" - finale
    10/27/73 - John Byner
    11/03/73 - Steve Lawrence, Paul Sand
    highlights: Salute to Irving Berlin, "Double Calamity" - spoof
    of "Double Indemnity" with Carol as Barbara
    11/10/73 - Petula Clark, Tim Conway
    highlights: "As The Stomach Turns" - Petula Clark as Marian's
    long-lost twin sister
    11/17/73 - Tim Conway, Steve Lawrence
    highlights: "Salute to Thanksgiving"
    12/01/73 - "family show"
    highlights: "Carol and Sis" - Carol has the flu,
    "Back Alley" - Carol is left by her lover, who
    marries someone else and comes back to visit her
    every few years, "Models" - models act as though
    they're posing for pictures in everyday life
    12/08/73 - Tim Conway, Edward Villella, Lucette Aldous
    highlights: Carol sings "It's Today," Tim as the world's
    oldest conductor, "Ham Actors" - Mundane is
    drunk during her performance
    (from Sydney, Australia)
    12/15/73 - Ruth Buzzi, Richard Crenna
    highlights: "Salute to Movie Bad Girls" (Mrs. Robinson,
    The Daughter of Fu Manchu, "All About Eve"
    spoof with Carol as Bette Davis, "Raised
    To Be Rotten" - spoof of "Born to Be Bad" with
    Carol as Joan Fontaine), "Adam and Eve 12" - spoof
    of "Adam-12"
    12/22/73 - Anthony Newley, Dick Martin
    highlights: "The Wine Tasters" - wine tasting gets out of
    01/05/74 - Steve Lawrence, Tim Conway
    01/12/74 - Eydie Gorme, Paul Sand
    highlights: "Salute to Great Ladies of Musical Theatre,"
    "After The Wedding" - a bride (Carol) wants
    to continue dating
    01/19/74 - Carl Reiner
    highlights: "Accident Prone" - Carol and her husband
    (Carl Reiner) attempt to buy insurance before her
    next accident
    02/02/74 - Tim Conway, Steve Lawrence
    highlights: "The Old Dresser" - the oldest living wardrobe
    man (Tim) has problems helping an actor (Harvey)
    perform a quick change between acts of a play,
    "The Bachelor Party" - the night before his
    wedding, a bachelor (Steve) mistakenly asks his
    fiancee's sister (Carol) on a date
    02/09/74 - Vincent Price, Joel Grey
    highlights: "Carol and Sis" - Chris' new boyfriend
    isn't as wild as he appears to be, "The
    Switchboard" - a hotel operator (Carol) listens in
    on patrons' calls, Lincoln's humorous side,
    "Comedia Del Arte"
    02/16/74 - Tim Conway, Bernadette Peters
    highlights: "As The Stomach Turns" - Marian's possessed
    niece (Bernadette Peters) visits,
    "The Two-Man Sub" - two Japanese soldiers
    (Tim and Harvey) argue underwater,
    "Salute to Musicals of the '30's"
    02/23/74 - Eydie Gorme, Tim Conway
    03/09/74 - Steve Lawrence
    "PTA Auditions" - PTA mothers argue over who's the better
    singer, "Houdini's Daughter" - Houdini's daughter (Carol)
    has problems doing her escapes, "The Hit Man" - a woman
    orders a hit on her boring husband, but then wants to call
    it off
    03/16/74 - Roddy McDowall, Jackson Five
    highlights: "The Family" - (first sketch) Phillip comes back
    to visit Eunice, Ed, and Mama, "Brief Encounter" -
    two Brits meet in a cafe, "The Bus Stop" - people
    waiting for a bus argue when a radio contest calls
    a nearby pay phone
    03/23/74 - John Byner, Francine Beers
    highlights: "Humanoids" - two scientists build female robots,
    "Carol and Sis" - a pushy neighbor invites herself
    to Roger and Carol's anniversary dinner
    04/06/74 - "family show"
    highlights: "Lucky Lady" - spoof of women's sob story game
    (Lyle Waggoner leaves cast)
    SEASON 8 - 1974-75
    CAST: Carol Burnett
    Harvey Korman
    Vicki Lawrence
    Ernest Flatt Dancers
    Peter Matz Orchestra
    10-11pm EST, Saturdays, CBS
    09/14/74 - Jim Nabors
    highlights: The Ringo Kid, Carol as a cabaret singer, Salute to
    09/21/74 - Steve Lawrence
    09/28/74 - James Coco
    highlights: "One Way Ticket" - star-crossed lovers on a
    cruise, "Parkay Margarine" - a woman
    argues with her tub of margarine, Krojack,
    "Blind Date" - a man (James) is nervous
    10/05/74 - Jack Weston, Michele Lee
    highlights: Salute to Stephen Sondheim
    10/12/74 - Telly Savalas, Smothers Brothers
    highlights: "The Family" - Eunice, Ed, and Mama visit brother
    Jack (Tom Smothers) in the hospital,
    "Poppi Le Moko" - "Algiers" spoof with Carol as
    Hedy Lamarr, "The Broken Merger" - two men discuss
    a merger as if it were a love affair
    10/26/74 - Eydie Gorme, Rich Little
    highlights: "Salute to Alfred Hitchcock,"
    "Silent Night" - a couple argues through actions,
    not words
    11/02/74 - Alan King, Lena Zavaroni
    highlights: "Sidewalk Stars" - two old movie stars are
    reunited at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, "Fans" -
    fans at a baseball game, "The Package" - a woman
    claims a gift that she finds at a bus stop
    11/09/74 - John Byner, Ken Mars
    highlights: Mr. Globe contest, Vicki sings "Rolling Down The
    Hills," "The Kiss-Off" - a woman (Carol) makes a
    scene in a restaurant while breaking up with her
    boyfriend, "The Soap Opera Watcher" - a woman
    (Carol) is addicted to soap operas, "Dreams" -
    a married couple each dream that they are with
    other people
    11/16/74 - John Byner, Helen Reddy
    highlights: "The Pick-Ups" - two men try to pick up women
    at a singles bar, "The Family" - playing 'Sorry,'
    "Salute to Women Songwriters"
    11/23/74 - Maggie Smith (her American TV debut), Tim Conway
    highlights: "A Visit From Karen" - a couple is visited
    by an old friend who is now famous
    12/07/74 - Steve Lawrence, Tim Conway, Steven Warner
    12/14/74 - Carl Reiner, Ken Berry
    highlights: "Disaster '75" - "Airport" spoof
    12/21/74 - Alan Alda
    highlights: "Nobody Does It Like Me" - Christmas rush at a
    dept. store, "The Family" - Eunice's brother
    (Alan Alda) visits for Christmas,
    "Morton of the Movies," Salute to New York
    01/04/75 - Vincent Price, Joan Rivers
    highlights: TV series spoofs: "The Walnuts," et al, "Ham
    Actors" - Funt and Mundane's understudies want
    to go on, "Sarah and the Moose"
    01/11/75 - Tim Conway
    highlights: "Pirates of Penzance" takeoff
    01/25/75 - William Conrad, The Jackson Five
    highlights: "The Family" - Mama has a new beau (William
    Conrad), "Laurel and Hardy Pantomime" - William
    Conrad sings about silent movie comedians
    02/08/75 - Tim Conway, The Pointer Sisters
    highlights: "Up Your Income" ("Stella Toddler") - Stella
    appears on a game show, "Nora Desmond" - Max
    finds a substitute for himself (Tim)
    02/15/75 - Rock Hudson, Nancy Walker
    highlights: "When My Baby Laughs At Me" - musical take-off,
    "TV Commercials" - pantyhose, razors, vitamins
    02/22/75 - Tim Conway, Dick Patterson
    highlights: "The Stick-Ups" - a series of robberies at a bar
    03/08/75 - Wayne Rogers, Buddy Ebsen
    highlights: WWII sketch
    03/15/75 - Roddy McDowall, Bernadette Peters
    highlights: "The Family" - Eunice, Ed, and Mama visit
    brother Phillip in California, "The Typists" -
    Carol and Bernadette are two secretaries who do
    everything in unison
    03/22/75 - Steve Lawrence, Sally Struthers
    highlights: "The Boring Twenties" - takeoff of "The
    Roaring Twenties"
    03/29/75 - Jean Stapleton, Phil Silvers
    highlights: "TV Commercials" - Mr. Coffee, sleeping pills,
    life insurance, "Hallway Encounter" - a feminist
    (Jean) argues with a man (Harvey) who holds a door
    open for her
    04/05/75 - Tim Conway joins the "family show"
    highlights: "The Family" - Mama and Eunice visit Ed at
    the hardware store, "Lullabye Medley" - Carol
    and Vicki sing (Carol announces that Vicki is
    pregnant), "When Your Lover Has Gone" - Carol
    sings in the shower, "The Old Clock Maker" -
    Tim is the oldest living clock maker
    SEASON 9 - 1975-76
    CAST: Carol Burnett
    Harvey Korman
    Vicki Lawrence
    Tim Conway
    Ernest Flatt Dancers
    Peter Matz Orchestra
    10-11pm EST, Saturdays, CBS
    09/13/75 - Jim Nabors
    highlights: "The Family" - Eunice leaves Ed,
    "The Hollow Hero" - an eccentric military hero
    doesn't want his commendation
    09/20/75 - Sammy Davis, Jr.
    highlights: "Backstage" - a famous star meets an old
    friend whose family once employed his mother, "No
    Frills Airline" - economy and first class
    passengers get different treatment, "Salute to
    Harold Arlen"
    09/27/75 - Cher
    highlights: "As The Stomach Turns" - Tim is the town
    beautician, "TV Commercials," "The Not So Eternal
    Triangle" - a husband can't decide between his
    wife and his mistress
    10/04/75 - Shirley MacLaine
    highlights: Carol and Shirley sing about problems with fan mail,
    "Little League Mothers" - Carol and Shirley as
    mothers who argue with their sons' coach (Harvey),
    "The Family" - a flashback to when Eunice and Ed
    were dating
    10/11/75 - Bernadette Peters
    highlights: "Give Him The Needle" - two nurses argue with a
    doctor during surgery
    10/18/75 - Maggie Smith
    highlights: "The Family" - Eunice, Ed, and Mama have a
    conference with Bubba's teacher (Maggie Smith)
    10/25/75 - The Pointer Sisters
    11/08/75 - Roddy McDowall
    highlights: "The Little Foxies" - spoof on "The Little
    Foxes" with Carol as Bette Davis
    11/15/75 - Maggie Smith
    highlights: "The Hollow Hero's Bird" - the eccentric military
    hero and his girlfriend (Maggie Smith) annoy the
    king and queen at a ship launching, "Jowls" -
    takeoff on "Jaws"
    11/22/75 - Betty White
    highlights: "The Family" - Ellen (Betty White) visits Mama
    on her birthday and gives her a better present
    than Eunice
    11/29/75 - The Pointer Sisters
    highlights: "Cinderella Gets It On" - rock opera
    12/06/75 - Eydie Gorme
    highlights: "The Hospital" ("Stella Toddler") - Stella
    is put in a room with a famous actress
    (Eydie Gorme), "Salute to Richard Rodgers"
    12/13/75 - Jessica Walters
    highlights: J. Walters sings "Could It Be Magic?,"
    Salute to Dorothy Fields
    12/20/75 - Steve Lawrence
    highlights: "Flora" - takeoff on "Laura" with Carol as
    Gene Tierney, "The Shoe Store Clerk" - Tim
    (as the old man) tries to sell shoes, "Salute to
    Sammy Cahn"
    01/03/76 - Rita Moreno
    highlights: "The Pronie" - a nurse is more accident prone
    than her patient, "Some Cats Know" - Rita Moreno
    dance number
    01/10/76 - Steve Lawrence
    highlights: Carol is an old-fashioned woman, a woman driven
    crazy by riddles, Salute to Universal (Rooster
    Cogburn, Freud), S. Lawrence sings "In The Wee
    Small Hours"
    01/24/76 - Emmett Kelly, The Jackson Five
    highlights: "A Swiped Life" - "A Stolen Life" takeoff
    with Carol as Bette Davis, Charwoman sketch
    01/31/76 - The Pointer Sisters
    02/07/76 - "family show"
    highlights: Family sketch, Mrs. Wiggins, "There Once Was A Man"
    dance number, Vicki as a switchboard operator
    (Vicki won an Emmy for this episode)
    02/14/76 - Joanne Woodward
    highlights: "The Family" - Eunice reunites with a friend from
    high school (Joanne), Joanne as a wallflower,
    Joanne, Vicki, and Carol sing "Everything Old Is
    New Again"
    02/21/76 - Dick Van Dyke, Tony Randall
    highlights: encyclopedia salesman sketch, card party sketch,
    Dick and Tony argue over a $10 loan
    03/06/76 - Jack Klugman
    highlights: "The Country's Very Best Hands"
    03/13/76 - "family show"
    SEASON 10 - 1976-77
    CAST: Carol Burnett
    Harvey Korman
    Vicki Lawrence
    Tim Conway
    Ernest Flatt Dancers
    Peter Matz Orchestra
    10-11pm EST, Saturdays, CBS
    09/25/76 - Jim Nabors
    highlights: "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" spoof,
    J. Nabors sings "Let Me Be There"
    10/02/76 - Sammy Davis, Jr.
    highlights: "The Slave Ship" - Sammy Davis, Jr. as a galley
    slave, "Her Majesty and the Mob" - the queen's
    loan comes due
    10/09/76 - "family show"
    highlights: Salute to Las Vegas
    10/16/76 - Madeline Kahn
    highlights: "The Family" - Eunice and her eccentric
    co-star (Madeline Kahn) rehearse for a play
    10/23/76 - Steve Lawrence
    highlights: Kitchen Commercials, "The Comedian" - a night
    club comic bombs with his wife
    10/30/76 - Roddy McDowall
    highlights: Salute to Silent Movie Comedians,
    surgery documentary
    11/06/76 - Kay Cole
    highlights: Kay and Carol sing a Rain medley
    11/13/76 - Dinah Shore
    highlights: "Went With The Wind" - "Gone With The Wind"
    11/20/76 - Ken Berry
    highlights: Salute to Johnny Mercer
    11/27/76 - The Pointer Sisters
    highlights: Salute to Ray Charles
    12/04/76 - Alan King
    highlights: "The Session" - woman's first visit to a
    12/11/76 - Betty White
    highlights: "The Family" - Ellen, Eunice, and Ed help
    Mama clean out her attic
    12/18/76 - Dick Van Dyke
    12/25/76 - "family show"
    01/15/77 - Glen Campbell
    highlights: "A Star Is Born" spoof, scientists working on swine
    flu vaccine, blue-collar worker and frumpy wife sketch
    01/22/77 - "family show"
    01/29/77 - Rock Hudson, Steve Lawrence
    highlights: "The Newscasters" - a husband and wife news team
    argue while doing the news, "Mrs. Wiggins' Lunch
    Date" - Mrs. Wiggins has a millionaire date, but
    wants to dump him
    02/05/77 - Helen Reddy
    highlights: Salute to Songs of the '60's
    02/12/77 - Eydie Gorme
    02/26/77 - Ben Vereen
    highlights: Salute to Harold Arlen
    03/05/77 - Hal Linden
    highlights: "Showboat" spoof
    03/19/77 - Neil Sedaka
    03/26/77 - Ken Berry
    highlights: "Babes In Barns" - spoof on Mickey Rooney/Judy
    Garland musicals
    04/02/77 - 10th Anniversary Show (90 minutes)
    SEASON 11 - 1977-78
    CAST: Carol Burnett
    Vicki Lawrence
    Tim Conway
    Dick Van Dyke (Sept.-Dec. 1977)
    Ernest Flatt Dancers
    Peter Matz Orchestra
    10-11pm EST, Saturdays, CBS (Sept.-Dec. 1977)
    10-11pm EST, Sundays, CBS (Dec. 1977-Mar. 1978)
    09/24/77 - Jim Nabors
    10/01/77 - Steve Lawrence
    10/08/77 - "family show"
    10/15/77 - Nancy Dussault
    10/22/77 - "family show"
    10/29/77 - Ken Berry
    highlights: "Stolen Serenade"
    11/05/77 - "family show"
    highlights: Dick Van Dyke sings love songs, Family plays Password
    11/12/77 - "family show"
    highlights: Salute to Comic Strips and Fairy Tales,
    "Enchanted Cottage" spoof
    11/19/77 - Ben Vereen
    highlights: TV commercial spoofs (Rolaids, et al)
    11/26/77 - "family show"
    highlights: MGM movie spoofs ("Boys Town", "Singin' In The
    Rain," et al)
    12/03/77 - Bernadette Peters
    (Dick Van Dyke's last show)
    12/11/77 - Rock Hudson
    (moved to Sundays, 10-11pm)
    12/18/77 - Helen Reddy, Ken Berry
    01/01/78 - Steve Lawrence
    highlights: S. Lawrence sings "We're All Alone," Salute to Hits
    of the '70's
    01/08/78 - Ken Berry, Roddy McDowall
    highlights: Salute to Musicals of the '30's, Family sketch
    01/22/78 - Eydie Gorme
    01/29/78 - Steve Lawrence, Captain and Tennille
    02/05/78 - Natalie Cole, Ken Berry
    02/19/78 - Ken Berry
    02/26/78 - Steve Lawrence
    03/05/78 - Betty White, Steve Martin
    highlights: '60's surfing movie spoof, Family sketch
    03/12/78 - James Garner, George Carlin, Ken Berry
    03/19/78 - Steve Lawrence, Bernadette Peters
    03/29/78 - "A Special Evening With Carol Burnett" (2 hours)
    highlights: Jimmy Stewart surprise cameo, Family sketch,
    Mrs. Wiggins, Charwoman, highlights from past
    eleven seasons
    (last show)
    CAST: Carol Burnett
    Vicki Lawrence
    Tim Conway
    Ken Mars
    Craig Nelson
    8-9pm EST, Saturdays, ABC
    08/18/79 - Cheryl Ladd
    highlights: "Palimony" - song and dance number, "Tudball
    and Wiggins" - conserving energy
    08/25/79 - Alan Arkin
    09/01/79 - Penny Marshall
    highlights: "Salute to Horror Movies"
    09/08/79 - Sally Field
    highlights: "As The Stomach Turns," "The Family" - Eunice
    and Mama visit Carl's grave
    The Detroit News
    The Detroit Free Press
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    TV Guide
    "Vicki! The True-Life Adventures of Miss Fireball" by Vicki Lawrence
    with Marc Eliot, Simon and Schuster, 1995
    UCLA Television Archive Library Catalog
    last updated: 07/03/01
    NOTE: You may freely distribute this guide in electronic form for
    personal use, provided it is distributed in its entirety, and with all
    original author and copyright information intact. Any sale of this
    document is expressly forbidden.
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    Scott Zuncic
    Welcome John (timelifejb) to the forum!!! I really appreciate your company releasing this Ultimate Collection of "The Carol Burnett Show". I am so looking forward to this new collection (mine is already been preordered). From my research on the announcements of this set, it's great to know that 2 skits "The Dentist" and "Snow White: 15 years Later" are included on this set (two of the funniest skits from the show). These were not included in the Columbia House version of "The Carol Burnett Show" (in which I have all 31 DVD's of this set). And happy to know that some of the early skits from the 1st 5 seasons will be included (especially the one with Lucille Ball (I am a huge Lucy fan as well).
    I don't know how much information you can reveal, but I was wondering if you can tell me if the following two skits will be on this set. One skit features Charo and Carol Burnett (as Charo's mother). It's an hysterical skit, and I am hoping this one will be on the Ultimate collection as well. The other skit would be a "Family" skit featuring Eunice, Mama and Ed playing the board game "Sorry" (It's one of the best "Family" skits, imo). Neither one of these skits were on the Columbia House DVD's.....so I really am hoping these will appear on the Ultimate Collection (And don't worry, I am still buying this set no matter what!)
    Like I said, I don't know how much information you can reveal about the set, so if you can't answer my question.....I will eventually find out (in about a month from now). But if you can tell us anything about the set that has not been revealed yet.....it would be greatly appreciated :)
    Thanks and glad you joined us!!!
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    The title of the book in the press release is different than the title of the book in the picture.
  18. NY2LA

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    You mean the one about the "chorchachitas?" Carol is dressed in the same costume as Charo - except for a big padded butt and droopy beanbag bosoms that swing perilously when she tries to cuci-cuci. I've always liked Charo and she was just as fun in this show.
    The Family "Sorry" sketch sounds like fun too. So far pretty much all the stuff I remember liking is already announced for this set. I remember Joan Rivers doing a monologue from the era when she was funny without really making fun of people. She picked an obviously attractive woman in the audience and went off on how she had let herself go - funny because it clearly wasn't true. I think that may be in this set.
    I have one other hope: that the episodes in the announced Christmas set (likely from the Burngood/Banner era) include Carol singing "The Pretty Little Dolly."
    Does anyone remember a fall 68 episode in which Carol announced in her opening that she had loaned her principal dancer Don Crichton out to appear in a movie with her friend Julie Andrews? Then she showed a clip from the Limehouse Blues number in "STAR!" Now THAT's an episode I'll be shocked to see again. Crichton appeared in Both Julie & Carol specials before and after this, Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. Classy nice guy. Wish they had interviewed HIM for this set... maybe the next one.
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    John Moreland
    Where do you see a "title" for the memory book in the press release? The press release at the top of this thread and TL website don't list a title for the book, as far as I can see. They simply say a memory book. And one book is featured in the photos. It has a green cover, features the cartoon of Carol as the charwoman, and says "This Time Together" on the cover. I'm not sure where the information about multiple books is that you are seeing. I think if there was more than one, they'd mention it specifically and show them in the photos.


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    Press release online calls it "One More Time." Which it also lists as the name of a video feature.



    Deluxe Collector’s Set Now Boasts Over 20 Hours Of Exclusive Bonus Features, Including 12 Newly-Produced Featurettes

    50-Episode Collection—With Each Episode Hand-Picked By Carol Burnett--Available For Pre-Order At
    WWW.CAROLONDVD.COM and will ship the week of August 6

    FAIRFAX, VA – JULY 9, 2012 – On April 20, 2004, Harvey Korman and Tim Conway conducted an interview at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in Los Angeles. They talked for 90 minutes about their legendary antics on The Carol Burnett Show, but the interview has rarely been seen by the general public—until now. This emotional and revealing interview will now be included—in its entirety—as part of the bonus features for Time Life’s upcoming DVD release, The Carol Burnett Show—The Ultimate Collection.

    In addition to the 90-minute session with Tim Conway, Harvey Korman also did a separate 90-minute solo interview at the Museum of TV and Radio, and that too will be included in The Ultimate Collection, which will now boast a staggering 20-plus hours of Bonus Features. Check out a sneak peek of the fantastic interview right here.

    Also announced by Time Life are details for two additional pieces of bonus material for upcoming The Carol Burnett Show DVD set:

    · The UCLA Library Special Collection was the source of Carol’s guest book from Season 10, and this priceless momento has been turned into a virtual tour through the season, with highlights of performances from Carol’s guests, including Betty White, Dinah Shore, Jim Nabors, Steve Lawence and Eydie Gorme, among others.

    · “One More Time” is an exclusive 20-page memory book with photos from the show, summaries of classic moments, and anecdotes about Carol from guest stars and friends of Carol, from Carl Reiner and Betty White, to Jane Lynch and Amy Poehler.

    All 50 episodes in The Ultimate Collection were hand-picked by Carol Burnett and include the most acclaimed and beloved episodes from the show’s legendary 11-year run. Highlights include:

    The season 10 classic episode with the two-part sketch “Went With the Wind,” with guest Dinah Shore.

    Several episodes featuring “As The Stomach Turns” sketches, including Season 11’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind parody (with Steve Martin & Betty White) and The Exorcist parody from Season 7 (with Bernadette Peters).

    The season 7 program from the Sydney, Australia Opera House—the only episode of The Carol Burnett Show from outside the U.S.

    Carol does her best Joan Crawford in a “Mildred Fierce” sketch from Season 10. And in a Season 8 episode with guests Phil Silvers and Jean Stapleton, Carol does a great Cher take-off

    One of Carol’s favorite sketches, “The Pail” is a highlight of a Season 9 episode that also features Bernadette Peters. And another Carol fave, “Snow White—15 Years Later” (Season 6) is also included.

    Several episodes featuring Carol as Stella Toddler are included, including “The Hospital” and “The Maiden and the Mugger” (both from Season 9).

    Multiple episodes featuring “The Family” are included, with guests Betty White (Seasons 9 & 10), Roddy McDowall (Seasons 7 & 8), Joanne Woodward (Season 9), Tom Smothers (Season 8), and Maggie Smith (Season 9).

    Among other featured episodes are the Season 7 show with the Jackson 5; Shirley MacLaine’s star turn from Season 9; a Season 8 episode featuring both Carl Reiner and George Carlin; and another Season 8 episode featuring both Joan Rivers and Vincent Price.

    Other episodes feature the classic sketches and characters Mr. Tudball and Mrs Wiggins, Carol & Sis, The Oldest Man, The Hollow Hero and Kitchen Commercials

    As previously announced, Time Life interviewed over twenty people as part of the Bonus Feature production—including guests from the show (Betty White, Carl Reiner, Jerry Lewis, Ken Berry, Rita Moreno, Steve Lawrence, Lainie Kazan and Joel Grey); writers (Kenny Solms, Gail Parent, Ken and Mitzi Welch); designer Bob Mackie; and current performers influenced by Carol (Ellen DeGeneres, Jane Lynch and Amy Poehler).

    All told The Ultimate Collection now boasts 12 featurettes; 20 interviews, in addition to the Harvey Korman treasure; the Season 10 Guest Book and the 20-page Memory Book.

    THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW: THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION is now available for pre-order at www.CarolOnDVD.com and will ship to customers on August 6.


    “Harvey Korman & Tim Conway—Together Again”: (2-parts with Harvey & Tim; 2 parts with Harvey)
    Season 10 Guest Book—A virtual tour through the season, with Carol’s guests.
    “Let’s Bump Up the Lights”: Cast reunion with Carol, Vicki Lawrence, Tim Conway and Lyle Waggoner (3 parts—“Let’s Bump Up the Lights,” “This Time Together” & “One More Time”)
    Three episodes The Garry Moore Show featuring Carol Burnett, released on DVD for the first time:

    · The “Supergirl” sketch—the first time Carol did the Tarzan yell on television (original air date March 6, 1962)

    · Carol as Cinderella (original air date April 24, 1962)

    · Carol’s last appearance as a member of the cast (original air date June 26, 1962)

    · I Want to Push that Button: The History of The Carol Burnett Show

    · “Ahhhh, Mrs. Whiggins?” As In “Tudball and Wiggins”

    · Leading Lady—Carol Burnett As A Television Pioneer
    · Gags and Gowns—A Tribute to Designer Bob Mackie
    · Side Effects May Include--- About the TV Commercials
    · Focus on “The Family”
    · From Soaps To ‘Nuts--- About the TV Parodies
    · “Bring Up the Lights”—Carol’s Q&As
    · Laugh Tracks—A Tribute to the Writers on The Carol Burnett Show
    · Starlet, Mildred, and More—A Celebration of the Movie Parodies
    · Next Stop, Broadway—About the “Mini-musicals
    · Breaking Up Is Hard…Not to Do—The Ensemble Chemistry and Famous “break-ups” on The Carol Burnett Show
    · We Love You Harvey


    “The Dentist,” with Tim Conway and Harvey Korman (original air date March 3, 1969)
    “Society Marriage” with Jerry Lewis (original air date January 11, 1971)
    “The Rock Sisters” with Lucille Ball (original air date November 24, 1969)
    “Brown Derby” with Bing Crosby and cameo by Bob Hope (original air date November 10, 1969)
    “The Lovely Story”, parody of Love Story (original air date February 1, 1971)
    “Sunnyset Boulevard,” parody of Sunset Boulevard, with Carol and Harvey Korman (original air date December 29, 1971)

    o Carol Burnett

    o Betty White

    o Carl Reiner

    o Tim Conway
    o Steve Lawrence
    o Vicki Lawrence
    o Joel Grey
    o Ken Berry

    o Lainie Kazan

    o Bernadette Peters

    o Gail Parent

    o Kenny Solms

    o Jerry Lewis

    o Amy Poehler

    o Lyle Waggoner

    o Ellen DeGeneres

    o Jane Lynch

    o Kyra Thompson

    o Bob Mackie

    o Rita Moreno

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